Monday, August 17, 2009

Things that make me smile...

I kind of liked making a list of things that made me smile a couple weeks ago so I thought I'd do it again this week... and maybe make it a weekly tradition!

Here's what made me smile over the last few days....

-a little boy standing next to me who shared his goat food with me at the zoo so that I could feed the goats too!
-an old lady swatting a friend on the shoulder with her fan just to say hello as she passed... not exactly the traditional Japanese greeting! (especially for older people!)
-Towa's laughter as I mercilessly tickled him
-roasting marshmallows by chopstick!
-running into 4 people I knew in a city that I never go to!
-saying 'ouch' in Japanese when bitten by a rabbit at the petting zoo!
-Teresa's laughter as I told her that I got bit by a rabbit!
-Bobby's whining as the package of squid he picked up at the grocery store leaked all over his hand... and watching him avoid touching anything until he could wash his hands (I will give him credit that he picked up the squid because he was buying it in consideration of those who might not like beef at the BBQ!)
-Bob's great sermon illustrations :)
-a house that smells like fresh cupcakes!
-Japanese fireworks
-Adventures in Odyssey
-a cool breeze on a hot summer evening bike ride
-the ocean... and long drives along the coast
-a week full of things that I love... good food, good friends, the zoo, the ocean, laughter and games
-Japanese TV... and a professor named 'Sakana kun' (Fish boy)
-eating a grilled cheese sandwich at 1:30 am while talking with my parents on skype!
-Japanese kids
-funny pictures
-being asked for the recipe for my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
-using a new umbrella on a rainy night :)
-watching families spending time together

What's made you smile lately?

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