Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i heart spring!

long time no blog... I know!
life is kinda crazy as usual!
I finished up classes and exams at Prov... but I still have 2 online classes to finish by May 19th... (yikes) We're packing up and moving to Winnipeg this weekend! Can't wait to be close to everyone and everything we're involved in... although we will both really miss the quiet country life (and our wonderful neighbours!) of Otterburne.
As I sit here typing, the windows are wide open, the breeze is blowing in fresh air, the laundry is done (thanks to my wonderful hubby!), the birds are chirping... and I sit gazing at my birthday present from Bobby longing to open it up and see what's inside!! hehehe :)
Yes, my birthday is tomorrow!! I must admit I'm pretty excited... I'll be 25! Makes me feel old, but hey, 25 is a fun age :) Tonight our Korean neighbours invited us over for dinner to celebrate and tomorrow we're going to head to the city to have some fun. First a picnic lunch, then some ice cream at Cold Stone/Marble Slab (I can't remember which one is closer to us, but they're the same thing I think) then off to the zoo!! After the zoo, we'll have a family dinner at Applebee's... including my adopted sister Ashley who happens to be visiting from Vancouver! :)
I feel pretty spoiled that I get to plan our day and enjoy a stress-free day! I'm looking forward to it... I certainly feel loved!
Anwyay, must get back to work now... Happy Spring/belated Easter!

Friday, April 1, 2011

One year ago today...

...my best friend asked me the most important question I've ever been asked in my life- and the answer was... YES!!! :) (of course!) One year ago today, Bobby asked me to marry him and I couldn't have been more excited! Today we had a picnic (in our living room as it was a little chilly!) to celebrate and reminisce about our special day. It's hard to believe it's been a year, but what a wonderful year it's been! All the ups and downs of planning a wedding (with a continent between us!), intensive 2 weeks of missions training followed by a week of intensive pre-marital counseling, the excitement of pre-wedding festivities, a dream come true wedding day, a blissful honeymoon, adjusting to being a student again, and of course- the ups and downs of figuring out married life! I'm so excited about our future together. What a blessing marriage is! I really couldn't be happier. I couldn't have made a better decision than to say YES that day :) Happy one year engagement anniversary, Bobby! Thanks for making me the happiest girl on the planet! (If you want to re-read our engagement story, take a peek here.)