Friday, July 30, 2010

life is sweet....

Hello my blogger friends!

Sorry for the lack of blogs for so long... hopefully I can get some sympathy with the excuse that planning a wedding is a LOT of work, leaving little time for blogging! :)

So... today when I signed in to my blog, the countdown to Bobby and Hillary's new life together was at zero :) Oh how happy that makes me!!

Life is finally starting to slow down and we're enjoying a little bit of rest and settling into our new home for the next couple of weeks. I don't start school until September so we're blessed to have this time to settle in and adjust to our new life together... although I have to say, there really hasn't been a lot of adjusting for us and I'm really thankful for that. We really do make a good team and we're really enjoying our new life as a couple.

I guess I may not have done a very good job of updating my plans for the next year or so... I'll be going to Providence College in Otterburne, MB taking a one year general Biblical and theological studies certificate and Bobby and I are nicely settling into our apartment that we've rented through the school. Come September, I'll be studying and Bobby will be focusing on support raising for us to return to Japan (hopefully next summer) as well as helping out in the Japanese church that's in Winnipeg.

We're really excited about our future, but we're also really enjoying our time of transition right now. We're so blessed to have most of July and all of August to get settled and just enjoy summer together. It's been a wonderful time of rest after a very busy last few months!

Anyway, I still haven't gotten around to posting my own album of pictures on Facebook so I have no links to share, but I will hopefully get around to that sometime in the next few weeks. (We don't have our professional ones yet, but I've got some from our own camera and some from my friends) For now, I'll leave you with one of our favorites that Nadine, one of my bridesmaids, took while we were getting our professional pictures done after the ceremony....

Couldn't be much happier :) Life is good. God is good. I am so blessed. I have an amazing husband. I am so in love...