Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm off again!

These days I feel like a flight attendant...I'm off to the airport again! I get to fly again tomorrow!! :) I'm headed to Maryland and I couldn't be more excited! In case you didn't put it together, I'm going to visit Bobby and meet his family :)
I guess I haven't been the best blogger these days... I just don't have a whole lot to blog about! I'm enjoying life at home again and I'm doing well. I haven't started work yet and I'm not sure when I will! (not that I don't need money, but I just don't have time to work yet!)
I don't know if I'll be doing my smile list for the next 2 weeks, but rest assured, I'll be smiling the whole time I'm gone! :)
Have a great weekend! I'm sure I'll have plenty to post about when I get back since I've never been to Maryland before!
Later Gators!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Valentine's edition of the smile list...

It's finally here... my favorite day of the whole year! Happy Valentine's Day :)
I think my smile list for today could be summed up in 4 words...
Valentine's Day and Bobby Baden :)
As cheezy as that sounds, it's true... I'm in love and I love it! Valentine's Day has always been my favorite day and this one was extra special for me!

I sort of forgot to post last night, but hey, better late than never right?!

Here's my smile list...

-I forgot to mention this last week, but... finding Japanese mayo in the grocery store made my day!!

-lots and lots of snow

-the deli at Superstore

-a Superman marathon on TV

-my best friend calling me to tell me she's engaged!!! :D (and having my other best friend on the other line with her!)

-getting asked to be a bridesmaid :)

-Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day special

-wii with Sheila!

-getting a package in the mail :) (and as much as it drives me crazy... having to wait until Valentine's Day to open it!)

-watching a husband wait for his wife at the airport with a rose in his hand :)

-seeing a boy standing at the bus stop holding balloons and flowers.

-a post man walking out of the grocery store with flowers :)

-picking up my sister at the airport :) (it's been over a year since I last saw her!)

-teasing "Uncle Bobby" with Drew on Skype

-a 5 year old's knock knock jokes :)

-family fun and laughs :)

I haven't been keeping very good lists since coming back, but those are just a few of the things that are keeping a smile on my face these days :)

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember... whether you've got a valentine or not, YOU ARE LOVED!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday morning smiles...

Good morning :)

It's Saturday morning and here I am... not sure if I'm coming or going these days! I just got home last night from 4 days in Ontario for debriefing (yes, I was home for 2 days, then left again!) and now I am feeling pretty out of it! I've had a little time to rest up, but I still feel pretty exhausted... probably more emotionally exhausted than physically though as I've got a lot on my mind and my heart.

But, all that to say... I'm still smiling! Although this list is shorter than usual because I haven't been keeping track, I've had plenty of smiles this week! :) Here you go!

-feeling Cher's baby hiccup in her belly! (coolest thing ever!!!!)

-talking to Yumi on Skype :) ...and having a Japanese/English lesson

-West Jet flight attendants... they told jokes as they did the safety procedure demo and as we were waiting on the runway!

-an older couple in Wal-Mart 'discussing' garbage bags... the old man was running out of patience and said in a very funny way "What do you need the bags for???" and the lady very calmly tried to explain the various things she uses them for! They were there for a long time!!

-sharing my pictures with the Christar gang... and all the hassling I got about Bobby :)

-a very cute little boy showing off his boots to me at the airport

-getting the same flight crew on my flight to Winnipeg as I had on my flight to Hamilton! There were even 2 of the same passengers!

-Valentine's displays all over the place :D It's coming soon!!!!

-a Wendy's burger, an A&W poutine, and dill pickle chips all in one night... can you tell I was in need of some comfort food?! :)

so, as predicted, it's short this week, but I'm still smiling!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st edition of the smile list from Canada :)

Well hello from Canada :)
Yup, I made it home safe and sound and now I'm trying to deal with extreme weather shock! :P
I know it's a little late this week, but I haven't had much of a chance to post my smile list until now!
I had a good trip home... it was long, but I'm happy to be with my family again!
So, without any further ado, (that's a funny phrase!) here's my smile list :)

-watching a little girl listen to a Bible lesson, hearing the Bible for the very first time :)

-Mrs W recalling the time when I taught her the phrase "backseat driver", saying that I was a good English teacher! :P

-finding $30 US in my money belt from last year!

-my AMAZING teammates :)

-a lady who chatted away to me on the phone for 2 whole minutes before allowing me to tell her I was a foreigner and I don't speak Japanese! (I felt bad, but I think she was pretty embarrassed after!)

-a breakfast picnic in my living room with the Reisters

-words of affirmation

-sleeping in a "real" bed for the first time since October

-crawling into a toasty warm bed thanks to an electric blanket :)

-a little rest in the sun streaming through the window

-Blitz :) ok, so maybe being the winner by a mile is what made ne smile :)

-falling asleep to the sound of the pouring rain :)

-watching Napoleon Dynamite with Bob and Teresa... Bob loves it as much as my Dad and Teresa hates it as much as my Mom... it was a blast!

-the ground crew in at the Fukuoka airport waving and bowing as the plane drove away

-having a whole row of seats to myself (both sides)

-friendly flight attendants :)

-know how there's a little cloth over the head rest of every seat... well there was a sweet little baby making a game out of pulling it off and making his mom put it back on and he was just loving it!

-getting free post cards from the airline :) (I'm such a nerd!)

-seeing Mt Fuji for the first time in real life! (it was on the other side of the plane that I was on, but I was able to switch over to the other side and got a great view of it!) :)

-watching a man help an older lady lift her carry on up into the over head compartment

-a sweet little 7 month old baby girl with a cute little pink pony tail :)

-Mom and Dad bringing me a helium balloon at the airport but accidently losing it as they walked into the airport doors (they pointed it out to me at the top of the ceiling as we were leaving!)

-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs :)

-going to church at Elim again... and having one of my former Sunday school girls ask me if I visited any churches while I was in Japan :) She's so sweet!

-spending the day at Siloam with my Momma :)

So there you have it for this week... I hope to keep this up! Hold me accountable to it!!
Keep smiling :)