Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday morning smiles...

Good morning :)

It's Saturday morning and here I am... not sure if I'm coming or going these days! I just got home last night from 4 days in Ontario for debriefing (yes, I was home for 2 days, then left again!) and now I am feeling pretty out of it! I've had a little time to rest up, but I still feel pretty exhausted... probably more emotionally exhausted than physically though as I've got a lot on my mind and my heart.

But, all that to say... I'm still smiling! Although this list is shorter than usual because I haven't been keeping track, I've had plenty of smiles this week! :) Here you go!

-feeling Cher's baby hiccup in her belly! (coolest thing ever!!!!)

-talking to Yumi on Skype :) ...and having a Japanese/English lesson

-West Jet flight attendants... they told jokes as they did the safety procedure demo and as we were waiting on the runway!

-an older couple in Wal-Mart 'discussing' garbage bags... the old man was running out of patience and said in a very funny way "What do you need the bags for???" and the lady very calmly tried to explain the various things she uses them for! They were there for a long time!!

-sharing my pictures with the Christar gang... and all the hassling I got about Bobby :)

-a very cute little boy showing off his boots to me at the airport

-getting the same flight crew on my flight to Winnipeg as I had on my flight to Hamilton! There were even 2 of the same passengers!

-Valentine's displays all over the place :D It's coming soon!!!!

-a Wendy's burger, an A&W poutine, and dill pickle chips all in one night... can you tell I was in need of some comfort food?! :)

so, as predicted, it's short this week, but I'm still smiling!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Melissa said...

i like your list!
what do you say - you?... me? date?... tomorrow afternoon?
i work until 3:30 but will call you sometime before/around supper time.
love you!

Hillary said...

:) thanks!
yup... sounds good to me! I think Dad will probably be calling Grammie T in the afternoon sometime, but if we overlap, I'll just call you when he's done.
Looking forward to it!
Love ya!