Sunday, October 31, 2010

My big sister... going to be a MOM in May!!!

Congratulations, Lissa! (and Brad too!) I can't wait to meet my niece or nephew... and I know he or she will have an awesome set of parents!! :)

I love you!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our first home and a wedding update :)

Well, it's long overdue now, but I finally posted some pictures of our new home in Otterburne :)

We had an amazing time in Edmonton/Vegreville for Nadine's wedding... everything went so well and it was so great to be a part of Brandon and Nadine's special day!I have to say, best part of the whole weekend... falling in love with my husband all over again :)
I haven't posted my own album on Facebook yet because I've got so many pictures to post, but haven't had time to organize them into an album, but I'll leave you with some of my favorites....
So great spending time with Ang again... and getting to enjoy the excitement of her recent engagement too!
The four of us had a blast hanging out together! Adam and Bobby kept each other company since Ang and I were so busy!

Congratulations, Nadine :) I love you OTNS!

Friday, October 8, 2010

ten years of friendship...

God has blessed me with many wonderful friends, often providing them just when I need them most!
Nadine Crocker is one of those friends...
Nadine and I met in grade 9 at Caronport. I was nervous about the transition from "Caronport Elementry School" to "Caronport High School", especially since I was making the big change without my best friend from elementry school because she had just moved to Alberta. But... God knew all along that Nadine Crocker would enter my world and become one of my best friends ever! I don't even remember how we actually met... might have had a few classes together and bumped into each other now and then, but I do remember the moment our friendship was sealed.

I had decided to ask one of the commuting students (from Moose Jaw) to come eat their lunch at my house... and for some reason, I picked Nadine... and she said "sure!" And from then on, we shared many a lunch together and became the best of friends!
We had two wonderful years in high school together with many adventures... Sadie Hawkins dates, Christmas banquets, countless sleep overs, and even a 'joint birthday party' (my birthday is April 26 and hers is May 1 so we had a combined party one year!) just to name a few!

But then it happened... her family moved to BC and Nadine went with them :(

In spite of the two provinces between us, we still maintained a wonderful friendship and even got to visit each other a couple of times. Even after high school and having continents between us, we've still kept in touch and enjoy our friendship just as much (if not more!) now, six years later, as we did in our high school days!
Another fun note about our friendship is that it's actually also a trio friendship... with Angela, my friend that I've known since we moved to Caronport in '95! The three of us a quite the friends... and I love it! I was priviledged to have both of them stand as my bridesmaids 3 months ago and we had a blast being reunited!

And now that brings us to this weekend... Nadine's getting married too! Ang and I both get to be bridesmaids so we're excited to be together again!

Basically, I just wanted to write a little tribute to my wonderful friend Nadine and let the world know how excited I am that she's getting married!! Congratulations, Nadine and Brandon!!!!

Bobby's coming with me to Edmonton, so I'm sure he'll take pictures... and I'll post them after we get back... for now, enjoy a little taste of how much Nadine and I love each other! ;)