Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baby "Zip!" Update...

Well, I have officially managed to go without writing a single blog update through this pregnancy!! (Poor second baby!) ;) Thankfully I have written a few notes in his medical book and been pretty good about taking bump pictures (more than I will post) so all is not lost! (And yes, this baby is a boy!)

Shortly after we found out about this baby, we were asking Joshua what we should name his brother and he signed 'banana'! So since then, this baby's been called baby Banana! And, due to recent frequent inquiries about the name we've officially chosen but are keeping a secret, we've taught Joshua to say 'zip!' and move his finger across his lips whenever anyone asks him what the baby's name is! I have to humbly say, it's pretty adorable!

Everything's gone very smoothly (and quickly!) with this pregnancy and it feels like a breeze compared to the various bumps along the way we had with Joshua. I've been blessed with pretty easy pregnancies both times and I'm so very thankful! I have only had minor discomforts/complaints. My limited mobility and difficulty rolling over in bed and limited lung capacity and a few rib kicks he and there is really the worst of it these days...and general third trimester exhaustion. Everything's been as it should be at my's head down (not that it matters time time around as it will be a c-section anyway) and apparently measuring big. (Joshua did too, but he was less than 7 pounds)

I'm a little hesitant to open this can of worms, but I will anyway...Here is Japan, it's standard that once you have a c-section you will always have c-sections afterwards. I have mixed feelings about that, but knowing that I don't really have any other options, I've accepted it. In some ways I think it's harder this time now that I've already had a c-section, and have a pretty good idea what to expect as opposed to last time where I went into it knowing nothing.

Two of the hardest parts for me (besides the physical recovery) is the fact that Bobby is not allowed in the operating room, and after a quick introduction after the baby is delivered, I probably will not see the baby again until the next day. We haven't had the full run-down on this hospital's procedures (it's a different hospital from where I had Joshua) so I don't know all the details yet but we did read that when I want to see the baby the nurses will help me (I guess maybe move my bed to the nursery or something?) but I'm still struggling to accept the way things are done here in those areas. Joshua did fine with going back and forth between bottle and nursing, so we are praying this baby will be the same.

Again, I hesitate to write about these things because I feel like people are going to suggest 'standing up for my rights' or however you want to say it, but we don't really feel that's appropriate in our situation. We have made the choice to have this baby in Japan and even though things are done differently than we might be used to, we want to be a good testimony and it's really not culturally appropriate to demand things be done our way...and besides, babies are delivered and cared for this way every day and have been for years...and turn out fine! It's really an area for me to turn over to the Lord and practice submitting my desires and my will to Him.

Oh, I guess one other 'complaint' I have with this pregnancy is how hormonal I've been feeling!! I don't remember it being like this with Joshua, but the last couple of days in particular, I have had ridiculous mood swings and lots of lows and crying over silly things (although some maybe not so processing the fact that things are not going to go as I desire them to go while I'm in the hospital, as well as fears about Joshua's adjustment to this new baby). Poor Bobby and Joshua have had to deal with a crazy pregnant woman! I suspect Joshua's been picking up on my feelings and he's been a little 'off' the last week or so.

Anyway, I think that's about it for a pregnancy update. I think I need to do a separate Joshua update another time because I sure do have lots to say about him and tons of pictures! So, stay tuned for that! (Maybe now that I've written that, it will happen this week!)

Oh! Guess I should mention that this baby's birthday is April 5th (at 38 weeks and 3 days)! I get admitted to the hospital on the 4th and will have surgery the next day in the afternoon! (Another example of how things are done differently here!) 

Thanks for sticking with me! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Book Review

Long time no post...I know!

My silence is being broken thanks to a wonderful book I had the privilege of reviewing before it was released (in exchange for my honest opinion). I started following a blog ( a few months ago and have really appreciated the author's insights and wisdom, particularly related to being a Christian wife and mother. So when the opportunity presented itself to review her upcoming devotional book (that I would get a PDF copy of for free!), I jumped all over it!

I really liked how it was laid out...designed to be a 4 week (5 days a week) study with very short readings. It was the perfect length for me (short, but still containing substance) in this season of raising a toddler (and growing a baby) and I also really appreciated the response section at the end of each reading that contained further Scriptures and practical applications.

Since I had to read it through rather quickly, I am definitely looking forward to reading through it again, at a slower pace and really interacting with the response part in particular. I know it will be a really encouraging refresher to my quiet times, especially in the busy season I are coming up (more on that hopefully soon!)

Be sure to check out Asheritah's blog and this new devotional ASAP! You can find the paperback or kindle version on Amazon here.