Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm here...

long time no post...
I know, I know... it's been a while! I have a feeling some day I'll regret not having kept up better in the last few months, but oh well. Life's been busy!!

I'm actually working at Siloam again right now over the Christmas season, processing donations. I can't say it's my favorite job in the world, but it's nice to be able to help out in a hectic season and it's also nice to have the extra money this time of year! (I have to say I'm really having fun coming up with ways to bless others in ways we wouldn't normally be able to)

Anyway, working full time leaves little time for blogging (which actually only gives me an excuse for the past couple weeks since I only started working last week!) We've been involved in a lot of church things lately (attending 2 churches keeps you busy!!) I have really enjoyed not working this fall because I've been able to volunteer for a lot of things and spend time with people, particularly having more time to host others.

We've had 2 conversation partners from Japan attending U of W this past semester and we've had so much fun getting to know them. We're sad they're leaving later this month :( (but we'll probably end up doing it again next semester and meet new friends!) We had them over for supper on December 1st and had them help us decorate! It was so much fun... will post pictures some other day!

So... my main reason for posting tonight was to share a video Bobby came across the other day. I don't really know the background of it, but it speaks for itself...

Having volunteered there for 6 weeks, it's hard to watch this without crying! I think we're still processing what we experienced in Japan and some days it's still tough. It feels like a surreal experience, but still very near to our hearts. Funny things trigger my memory/emotions... a few weeks ago I was walking home from the gym crossing the bridge and saw some kind of mattress or mat in the river and it reminded me of the many soaked/destroyed tatami mats we saw amongst piles of debris. It's encouraging how people are still asking us about our time there, allowing us to share what we went through/what Japan is going through. God has blessed us with lots of really amazing, caring friends who have listened to our stories and shared in our pain.

Anyway, I should get going... we're going to watch Elf tonight :)

Hope you're enjoying the excitement of Christmas!