Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby shower!!

Just after Valentine's Day, Melissa and Brad came for the weekend. Bobby had a brilliant idea that Mom and I should throw Melissa a surprise shower... so that's what we did!! She ended up being totally surprised, and had no idea it was coming! I was pretty proud we were able to pull it off! (Thanks to Brad for being in on the surprise!) We had 6 guests there, all friends from church and I was really pleased with the turn out. They all brought wonderful gifts for Lissa, and she was really grateful for everything since they are starting from scratch as this is her first baby. We played a ton of games (ok, so maybe I went a little overboard!) but I think everyone had fun! I had our friend Ashleigh (mother of twins) bring a bunch of socks for this game... All the socks got mixed up and it was a race to see who could sort them fastest. Melissa won! :)

I made her a diaper cake as my gift to her... it was super fun to make and I was really proud of how it turned out! (I'm so humble today... first the cookies, now the diaper cake!)

It's so fun having a sister... and it's going to be even more fun to be an auntie! :) I can't wait... just a little more than a month to go now!

Thanks for coming to visit, Lissa :) I had a great weekend with you! I love you, big sister!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Valentine's Day :)

Well, this post is over a month late, but it's still fun for me to talk about so I'll post it anyway!

I kicked off Valentine's Day 'week' with some baking and had a blast making cookies for my friends and neighbours. I anonymously put them in boxes at school, but some people figured it out that they were from me! Here's how they turned out... I was quite proud of them!

As most of you probably know, Valentine's Day is my favorite day of the whole year! This year was particularly special though, because it was our first Valentine's Day physically together (as a couple... since we first met on Feb 13th when I went to Japan) Last year, although we were dating, Bobby was in Maryland and I was in Manitoba :(

Anyway, we were both pretty excited about celebrating this year and we ended up having a fantastic day together! We were in Riverton on the 13th as Bobby was preaching, and ended up staying the night at Darren and Amy's because the roads were bad (We looked after their kids while they went on a date that night and since it was late and had our overnight stuff anyway because we were planning to stay in the city at Mom and Dad's that night, we decided to stay in Riverton) We had a great time with Darren, Amy and the kids!

We didn't end up heading out until around 11, so when we got to the city (I think) we had lunch and then headed to the Forks to go snowshoeing (we borrowed Mom and Dad's). We had a lot of fun even though the conditions weren't very good since it was super mild that weekend. We had fun taking pictures and just being goofy together! It was also fun to get to see some of the cool shelters that they put up along the river trail. Here's a glimpse of our afternoon.... (The much improved roads...)

Here we go!

There were big cracks way under the ice which was a little scary... but the ice was so thick it was fine!

I don't know how this happens, but the ice had sort of clumped up in chunks... it was super neat!

So thick!

There was a cool ice castle at the Forks that we had fun playing around in :)

After our outdoor adventure, we did a little shopping, then we came home and got all dressed up. Bobby made me a WONDERFUL dinner (chicken cordon bleu, honey garlic noodles, and edamame with sparking raspberry-white grape juice) and created a nice romantic atmosphere (we aren't allowed to use real candles in our apartment, so we use battery tealights!) It was fun to get all fancy and sit down to a yummy dinner at home!

I know Bobby put a lot of work into making our day special and he was certainly sucessful!! Thanks for the truly wonderful day, Baby! I felt so special and so loved :) I love you, my Valentine!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

my husband is so funny :)

Here's a conversation that happened just a few moments ago...

H: (while sewing a button on Bobby's shirt for tomorrow) I feel like an old pioneer woman :)

B: If you really wanted to feel like a pioneer woman, you could wait an hour and do this by candle while we're doing "Earth Hour"! :)

hehehe :) Isn't he funny?! I love how he makes me laugh... all the time! That was one of the qualities I always had on my list of 'ideals' in a future husband and I sure got that one! :)

Tonight, as you read, we are doing Earth Hour! (Where everyone turns out their lights for an hour at 8:30) You should do it too! (I guess I should have wrote this earlier though...)

We're going to maybe go for a walk and come back and play Yatzee by candlelight (actually, we have to use battery tealights since we're not allowed to burn candles in our apartment!) which is an old 'Purdy family tradition' (My mom's family always used to do that when the power went out)

What will/would you do during Earth Hour??

nothing like it...

ok, so I'll be the first to admit... I've neglected my blog! Life has just been crazy over the last couple months! I've got plenty to blog about, but so little time these days!

But... today I thought I'd break the silence and write about something we did today that I find extremely exciting...

We took the plastic off our windows and cracked them open!!

There really is nothing like opening the windows after a long winter! The breeze feels amazing and it makes everything feel so much fresher! Away with the stuffy winter air!!! :)

Bobby made me smile when he said "it's like taking a walk inside!" :) I thought that was a pretty good way to describe it!

This afternoon, Bobby's busy working on getting ready for the baptism he's doing for a girl in our Japanese congregation and even though I do have assignments and reading to work on, I don't have anything "pressing" this weekend so I decided to do some major spring cleaning today!

I didn't plan on it, but it all started when we sat down to lunch and Bobby noticed how dirty the screen that covers the fan on the stove was. (this makes me sound like a nerd, I know, but I'll say it anyway!) I love cleaning projects like that when you can really see the difference before and after your efforts! (ie: Vaccuuming, a sink full of dishes, a sparkling bathroom sink, etc) I actually really do like being clean and organized... I'm just not very good at it (or staying consistent).

Anyway, I decided to scrub that screen like there's no tomorrow and ended up with quite satisfying results! That led to the decision to scrub my entire stove (not the oven, but all the little pans and rings around the elements!!) and then that led to cleaning up the kitchen counters. Then I did some baking (a whole other exciting post!) for the potluck tomorrow then cleaned the bathroom, then swept and wiped the kitchen and bathroom floors... And that's when the windows got opened! We'd been waiting to take the plastic off because it's still been getting cool at night, but today was just too beautiful and I wanted the house to feel even cleaner... so we opened them up! :)

Nothing like a good spring cleaning... and opening the windows for the first time in months! :)