Thursday, August 6, 2009

oh to be 13 again...

It's amazing what a good night's sleep does for you! I definitely enjoyed waking up to no alarm this morning!

Just thought I'd post a few pictures from FEC today... I don't have a lot, but it'll give you a glimpse of what we were up to!

Some of the girls playing cards in the cabin during free time

2 of the girls in my English class sleeping as they were supposed to be helping clean up the cabin. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them because they are sleeping in the storage area where the blankets and pillows go! (we had an English class after this and yes, these 2 could hardly hold their eyes open...hmmm, maybe you shouldn't have stayed up so late last night!!)

signing notebooks before saying goodbyes :(

"My girls" (my English class)... Haruka, Yumi, Megumi and Ayaka

The group shot :)

I had a really good time and it was fun trying to get to know the girls. It was hard sometimes because of the language barrier...I just wish I could snap my fingers and speak Japanese! English classes went well, but it doesn't feel like you can teach a whole lot in less than 4 hours! I think the girls still had fun though.

On the second night I brought out my nail polish stash and the girls loved it! Then I decided to stay up with the girls and joined their circle and "listened" to their "scary stories" (obviously not comprehending a whole lot!). It was fun bonding with them! I think we stayed up until around midnight or so and then I decided it was time for bed for me! I heard the next morning though, that some of the girls stayed up until 3! (No wonder they fell asleep in my class!)

I got a good laugh when one of the girls nearly jumped out of her skin when the girl next to her moved the curtain with her foot! Then we got another good laugh when we had an outburst of stomach growls in the middle of the scary stories! It was fun feeling like I was 13 again!

I did discover this morning though that apparently I'm not as young as I'd like to think I am! Yesterday we played a game called "Spin the Bottle" (no, it's not what you're thinking-I'm sure there's another name for it but that's what it got called!) where someone stands in the middle of a circle with a pop bottle filled with water and tied to a rope and spins it around while everyone around the circle has to jump over it as it slowly gets higher and higher. Normally I'm not really a big fan of group games, but I decided to give this one a try since it was the last one... I loved it! I was actually quite good at it! I think I ended up in 4th or 5th place and I was the 2nd last girl! It was fun, but I'm kind of stiff this morning!! We did play several other games and I did run/walk around a lot over the week, but maybe I'm getting old! (Or I could just say I'm out of shape or that I just don't normally have that much activity in my daily routines....)

We had almost perfect weather! I actually got accused of bring the cold Canadian weather with me! It rained on Monday night and it was a little cool in the morning which was wonderful! Tuesday was a little cloudy and it was perfect for our game time in the open field! then it got nice and sunny for our 'water games' and Tuesday night when we had our campfire, it was actually a little chilly! It was really windy though, but I was quite comfortable! One of the missionaries said they think this was the 2nd coldest camp yet. Usually in August (like today...can I just say that's is 36 with the humidity right now?!) it's in the 30's with high humidity, but we were really blessed this year and the heat was manageable! Yes, it was really hot at times, but I honestly don't think we can complain!

Anyway, I should get going since I have quite a few things to do today! Thanks for reading my camp stories! Thanks again for your prayers! Please keep praying for these students that they'll remember what they learned from the Bible times and that the seeds that have been planted will not be stolen away!

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