Sunday, August 23, 2009

Am I a blog-aholic?

So I think I'm becoming a blog-aholic! I just have so much to say these days because August has been so full of ''cultural fun!" I have a feeling the blogs will slow down in September when life returns to "normal" with English classes again.

I wanted to make another list of things that made me smile this week because I've thought of so many things! I like doing this because remembering them makes me smile again and it makes me thankful for the many blessings God has given me :) Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it!

Here's what made me smile recently....

-Japanese kids... I think this is going to be on my list every week! They are all just incredibly cute! Yesterday one little girl in particular made me smile at the grocery store... she was no more than 2, just toddling alongside her dad wearing a cute little dress and a cute hat. I loved her look of surprise and her adorable laugh when she dropped her hat!
-seeing a Cross Training classmate hold his 6 week old baby girl this morning via skype
-little old ladies with jet black dyed hair!
-memorizing verses with Teresa... (mostly it's my sad attempts to get the words perfect that bring the smiles/laughter!)
-this sign on the train...
(the one on the right made me laugh... it says "don't run for your train. It's dangerous and embarrassing if you get caught between the doors" I love how the green path says "run" too!)
-thinking I was safe from embarrassment while taking this picture... but suddenly having the train conductor walk by and smile at me as I held up my camera! I'm sure I looked like quite a tourist, but I laughed at myself after she passed!
-3 rounds of hosting guests in one week!
-helping with Yumi's English classes over skype! (and the little boy who tried to say he was 12 years old but said he was 20 instead!)
-finding a loaf of bread with 8 thin slices! (as opposed to the usual 4, 5, or 6 gigantic size slices)
-a eucalyptus tree that made me think of my Mom because she likes that smell... and thinking of my dad too because he hates it so much!
-guests who help with dishes :)
-getting compliments on my cooking!
-a high school boy pulling out a pocket mirror and proceeding to 'fix' his hair for the next several minutes
-Grandma Okamoto reading the Bible out loud in church
-smiling so much that my face hurts
-watching friends who absolutely love karaoke and put their whole heart and soul into belting out the songs!
-Dad calling just to say hello because he was missing me :)
-singing along with the YMCA song in Japanese! (Don't be too impressed... what I mean is that I did the 'ymca' part!) :P
-fishing on a boat in the ocean... and catching 5 fish at once!
-working with a couple who has been married for over 20 years and still look at each other and act like they just fell in love yesterday :) (reminding me of my amazing parents who are the same way)
-a 1 hour and 45 minute skype call with an amazing friend from high school
-eating a whole dried squid by myself
-Mom's suggestion to name the two flies that seem to have called my apartment home and make them my pets! (and then the laughter that came from my 11 year old guest when I told her that!)
-teammates who fill my bike tires with air and bring me a plant when they come for dinner
-the Japanese equivalent of a slurpee... kakigori :)
-a hot pink sunset and breathtaking sky after a rain shower
-knowing that I get McDonald's for breakfast tomorrow morning before my mentor time with Teresa :)
-an evening where it's finally cooler outside than in my apartment (which I am enjoying tonight!)

Again, I'm sure I could go on for quite a while, but that's where I'll stop for this week! and, I still want to hear what made you smile/laugh this week! Thanks God for giving me so many things that put a smile on my face! Thank you for the gift of smiles and laughter!

No one has been commenting lately :( [Do I sound pitiful enough to get some comments this time??]

I am going on my second homestay tomorrow so I won't be blogging all week... but I'm sure I'll have lots to say when I get back! Thanks for praying for my time with this family!
Have a great week... and don't forget to comment! :)


Anonymous said...

your list of things that make you smile, make me smile too! Keep reminding yourself (and other too) of how good God is to us, especially in the little things! Love you otns xoxo Momma & Poppa

Anonymous said...

i too love your lists... keep 'em coming! it helps me remember the little things that make me smile too in my life!

Anonymous said...

A lot of those on the list made me laugh too!
-eric & ash

Hillary said...

look at that... my whole family commented :) glad I can make so many people smile!