Saturday, August 8, 2009

the best teammates EVER!

I just have to say that I have the best teammates in the whole world!! Tonight, two of my teammates (Bob and Teresa) were bringing my other teammate (Bobby) dinner because he's working on his sermon for tomorrow and they decided to bring me dinner too! It happened to be one of my favourites- chicken alfredo complete with homemade corn bread and edamame... and even chocolate for dessert!

Then, as if that wasn't wonderful enough of them... yesterday I mailed in the last part of my ethnography (which means that it's officially done) so today they bought me a "congratulations on finishing your ethnography present"... they bought me an umbrella!!!
I absolutely love it :) It's got hearts and polka dots on it! Hopefully we'll still get some rain though! I will be looking out my window constantly now, just waiting for that first drop of rain to come so I can test my umbrella out!

Seriously, I am SO blessed to be on this team! I am so well looked after in so many ways! God has given me wonderful teammates... each one of them is so special to me and they have become like family! It's already hard to think about leaving in January...

Thank you Bob and Teresa for being so thoughtful tonight! and thank you God for my fantastic teammates!

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