Saturday, October 31, 2009

my microwave "incident"

Last night I decided to make the package of microwave popcorn that one of my students gave me and little did I know that it would lead to this...

oooopps!! I think that my microwave plate must be a replacement or something becuase it's made by Rubbermaid and as my Mom pointed out, Rubbermaid doesn't make microwaves! Apparently it's plastic because I melted a hole in it and when I went to take the bag out of the microwave, it stuck to the tray!

Yet another "only Hillary...." moment! never a dull moment with me in the kitchen as my Mom loves to say! :)


~Kristin said...

O hillary!!!
I love you soo much ... and its true! only you could do something like this! remember when you burt the garlic toast when everyone was watching the mission? that was GREAT!

Hillary said...

:) I love you too!
yes, how could I forget that one... you guys will never let me live that one down! Of course it had to happen when EVERYONE was there for dinner! (and I was SO determined not to burn it!) what's "the mission"?

Fish n' Chips said...

Hey Hillary - its nice to meet you!

The persimmon looks so beautiful and is quite a delicate fruit. The cookies were good - they didn't turn out like I thought. I figured they would be a crunchy cookie, like shortbread, but they were soft and cake-y.

Persimmon fruit doesn't really have a flavour, I also discovered; it has a natural sweetness though. Once I scooped out the flesh for the pulp, it reminded me of mushed up peaches.

How is Japan going ...

If you would like the recipe, let me know and I can send it to you - no problem!


Janie V. said...

HAHAHAHAH! Hillar you are deffinitely one of a kind. I'm sorry I laughed so hard. I actually almost burst out laughing when I saw your picture. :P But since I'm in class I held it in and wrote it out instead.
I love you Hillary! You're a goof and I love you for it! :)

Love Janie