Saturday, October 31, 2009

in case you need to smile...

So I tried my best to keep up with all the things that made me smile this week, but it was a little hard! We had our annual Christar Japan conference and I certainly did a lot of smiling and laughing but I can't remember everything! (some of this is before conference though)

-hearing an old Carman song on the radio... it made me remember the good 'ol days of listening to Carman, Petra and Guardian with Dad :)

-having the time to make bacon and eggs for breakfast on a Sunday morning

-pictures of my friend's brand new baby boy :)

-the funny pictures my best friend sends along with her e-mails to let me know how she's feeling that day (excited/overwhelmed, etc)

-telling the church ladies that Bobby and I are dating... their reactions were absolutely priceless and I wish I had of had a video camera! One of them literally almost fainted (because she was so happy!) I'm pretty sure they have the rest of our lives planned out now! I also found out that one of the ladies who had invited me to her home for lunch a couple weeks ago had been wanting to ask me about Bobby but refrained!

-the build up to a story that you know is going to be funny (passionate story tellers make me smile!)

-Grandma Okamoto's reaction to seeing Dorothy again for the first time in 6 months... it almost made me cry!

-Bobby asking me if "I will follow him" is my favorite song! (it came on when we were eating dinner at McDonald's)

-"ganging up on" Dad with Mom and hearing him say "ok guys..."

-understanding a long e-mail all in Japanese and getting a 100% grade from the writer :)

-talking to Jess on Skype (in Argentina) at 3 am because we're never on at the same time!

-Dad's obsessive hockey card collecting

-Yumi's wonderful reaction when I told her Bobby and I were dating (she gave me high 5's and couldn't stop clapping her hands and congratulating me!) Basically, having friends to share life's joys and sorrows with makes me smile :)

-Bobby laughing at how I save every e-mail I get (and how I have so many folders to put them) He thought I should apply that organization to my apartment!

-a week of non stop laughter with my co-workers

-seeing people 'let their hair down' during a retreat... and watching people laugh and joke that you normally only ever see with a straight face

-playing 'Mafia'... my list would be endless if I went into all the details on that one!

-Theresa W asking me if I "lamb-inated" the bookmarks or "llama-nated" them!

-hearing a professional speaker say "stoled" (as in the past tense of steal!)

-starting my day off with a very meanignful note reminding me that I'm beautiful and that I really am a princess because I'm a daughter of the King... and also waking up from a nap the next day to find an encouraging note from my teammates that was slid under my door :)

-Dorothy accidently calling Bobby 'honey'

-getting called an "ugly angel" while playing Uno... (the story is a little long to explain, but it made me smile!)

-home videos of a cute little boy drinking a can of coke while listening to his brother read a story :)

-getting my hair french braided by a co-worker and staying up till 12:15 just chatting with her

-having amazing quiet times while watching the sun rise... (I just have to make note of the fact I was up to watch 4 sunrises in a row!!)

-beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road (big and little)

-coming home to a clean house... yes, Mom (and Bobby)... you were right all along!

-melting my microwave tray when I made microwave popcorn (a blog with pictures coming soon!)

-my Saturday morning kids' English class :)

thanks for all the smiles, God! You are so good to me! :)


Sixer said...

I guess I was forewarned since this is, after all, a "smile" post, but I wasn't thinking. I'm reading this at 7:30 in the morning, my roommate is trying to sleep, and I'm cracking up. Especially the "lamb-inated" llama-nated" joke – too funny. Thanks for recording all the precious memories! I hope you had a great time at the conference, did Mr. Reister tell you the crispy duck story?

Hillary said...

well I'm glad I could make you laugh! (mission accomplished!) yes, the "lamb-inated/Llama-nated" comment was quite funny! (and Theresa was so proud that I was going to put her on my smile list!)
No, I didn't hear the crispy duck story, but now I'll have to ask!

Bobby Baden said...

I can't believe you haven't heard about crispy duck yet! You'll HAVE to ask Bob about it...
BTW, all the ladies slip up and call me honey once in a while, so get used to it! :)
THe laminated thing was great, but I think I liked the stold comment better - only because we both noticed it and thought it was funny, but nobody else reacted :)
You make me smile :)

Hillary said...

I keep forgetting to ask about it! You'll have to help me remember!
I don't know if I like you being such a ladie's man :P that could take some getting used to!
it was fun that we had a little 'moment' that time... and that no one else noticed the bad English!
guess what... you make me smile too...especially when you comment on my blog! :) How's your smile list coming along? I guess I have to wait 6 more days before I'm technically allowed to hassle you since you declared it a bi-weekly list! :P