Friday, October 16, 2009

a happy Thanksgiving :)

I've been meaning to post a blog about my wonderful Thanksgiving, but I just haven't had time recently... not that I do right now, but I'm in 'procrastination mode' at the moment!

My day started off with McDonald's for breakfast with my mentor Teresa and then we did our Bible study. Then she dropped me off at the church where we were all meeting to go on our "Friday Night" "Monday Morning Hike". We ended up with 3 Japanese friends and we opted for the one hour route.

As predicted, I am certainly out of shape, but I managed to keep up with the group. (it might have helped that someone was struggling more than I was) We had a lovely little picnic at the top and Bobby led a short devotional. Then we played a few rounds of "Speed" and International Uno. We took a few pictures and then we headed back down.

My legs were wobbling like crazy and it was quite entertaining every time we stopped...certainly a weird feeling! Someone told me later that in Japanese they say that "your knees are laughing" :) I thought that was cute!

I came home, had a shower and a quick little nap. Then my day got even better :) (This is the part where I get to see how many people actually read my blog...) A handsome gentleman showed up at my door with flowers and a home made Happy Thanksgiving card and invited me to dinner!

I guess it's time to let the "cat out of the bag"... (where does that expression come from anyway?!) Bobby and I are dating now :) When we went camping a few weeks back, we talked about our feelings for each other and now we're focusing on getting to know each other on a deeper level, seeking God's will for our future!
After a lovely dinner together, we headed to Bob and Teresa's for dessert (I made a Reese's Peanut Butter cup cake) and we ended up playing Blitz since it's "my family game" and that's probably what I would have done if I was in Canada :) We finished off the evening with a "Planet Earth" episode. (which was fascinating by the way!)
I was so blessed by my teammates' thoughtfulness and I appreciated their efforts to make it a special day for me... even though I said it wasn't an important day to me!
I've got lots more to blog about and plenty of pictures to post, but I think I'll save them for another time when I feel like putting something off! In the mean time, enjoy these pitures from our hike!

Going up...

Our little picnic at the top... no in between pictures! (Noriko and Mie)
Bobby and Yoko enjoying their lunches... Yes, Bobby who doesn't like fish or seaweed is eating sushi :)
Let the games begin!
The amazing view...
Our picnic spot
The bridge to Oshima... where I went with my first homestay family
The gentleman who politely watched us switch photographers and didn't offer to take one of all of us together... more on that story in this week's smile list!
Bobby humbly enjoying the delicious brownies he made

Down we go!

For some reason I am having some issues with the spacing of this post! Sorry about that!

Oh, and as much as I love getting comments, and want you to comment on this post... do me a favor and don't say "I saw this one coming long ago" because you are certainly not the first one to say that... and to be honest, hearing that kind of drives me crazy for some reason! :P


Melissa said...

it looks like that was a very pretty hike. thanks for posting pictures!

do you think it would be a good time now for me to let my "cat out of the bag" and tell Bobby that i read his blog too?

Dear Bobby, I read your blog. Is that okay? :0) MT

umm also HIllary, what is this "Reese's Peanut Butter cake" and why have you not sent me the recipe?

love you and praying for you! MT

Hillary said...

oh sister of mine, you make me laugh! I'm sure that's fine... you stalker! :P just kidding!
glad you liked the pictures... I think Bobby has more, but I'll let him post them :) (hint hint!)
(We are so subtle sending him messages on my blog!)
well I sort of made up the recipe myself but I was inspired by something I googled. I'd be happy to share the "recipe with you" if ya want though! it was yummy if I do say so myself! :)

Bobby Baden said...

What?! Hillary has a boyfriend??
I saw that one coming...
And I have a stalker? Melissa, stalkers are supposed to leave little clues to let the stalkee know that some unidentified person has been around... where are my clues?! How am I supposed to enjoy being stalked if I don't even know it?

Hillary said...

oh, you're a funny guy! :P I know there's a verse in the Bible about fathers being instructed not to exasperate their children... isn't there one about boyfriends being instructed not to exasperate their girlfriends??!! :P just kidding... if there's one person in the world that's allowed to say they saw this one coming, it's you!

by the way, you should have been expecting to get stalked since your blog is on the side of mine... anyone can read it! And besides... a blog is sort of publlc in case you weren't aware of that!! :P Some people are just more discreet about their "blog stalking" than others!

Bobby Baden said...

Why, I think I'm the funniest person I know!!

Colby said...

At first, this post didn't make any sense to me. I kept thinking, "Why does she keep mentioning Thanksgiving? It's like a month away." Then it hit me that your one of those aboout-ers, eh?. Good luck for Bobby.

Bobby Baden said...

thanks colby, I need it. :)

Hillary said...

HEY! this is not very nice you guys...ganging up on me on my own blog! (I read your other comments on the llama post first so I again echo what I said about your promise not to make fun of me for being a Canadian!)

Bobby Baden said...

please forgive me (insert batty eyelashes)

Hillary said...

(insert eye roll) :P
Princess Hillary says: Do I have to forgive you?? You might have to come up with something creative to make up for this teasing... then I might be more willing to forgive!

How's that for 'princess-ey'?
I'm definitely kidding by the way!

Bobby Baden said...

not bad, not bad.
I'll forgive you :)

Hillary said...

psssht! who said I was asking for forgivness?! :P

Alyssa said...

Aww...Hillary! Apparently I need to catch up on your blog more often. I don't know how I managed to miss all this! But YAY for you!!! This post put a big ol' smile on my face!

Hillary said...

thanks Alyssa :) Miss you!! We'll have to catch up over a cup of coffee if you're not too busy with work when I get back!