Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just in case you were wondering what was new and exciting over in my corner of the world... check out this news story!

I think it sounds a little more dramatic than it actually is (in our prefecture anyway) but it's only 9:45pm so who knows what the night will bring. It was really windy all day and now it's raining pretty hard but it doesn't seem to be something to be alarmed about yet!

I wish you could have seen the way everyone was abuzz (is that a word?) about the approaching typhoon! One of my classes wanted to be sure that they finished right on time so that they could go home as soon as possible! (but Bobby and I suspect that was just a ploy to avoid the Bible lesson)

I got a message on my cell phone from one of the ladies in my conversation class that I usually teach on Thursday mornings at a church in a nearby city saying that they wanted to cancel class tomorrow since the typhoon is coming!! I really think they're being dramatic, but I am actually thankful that now I will get to sleep in a little and do some catch up tomorrow. (and now I won't have to ride my bike to and from the train station in the wind and rain!)

Anyway, just thought I'd fill you in on the typhoon anticipation!


Melissa said...

Ummm, I don't know a lot about typhoons but I can tell ya that's a lot of rain spinning very vast from what that news report says! we'll be praying for your safety! keep in touch!

Hillary said...

hahaha! Yes, it is a lot of rain and wind... but it turns out that everything is fine in our area! A whole lot of drama for nothing for us! (I haven't heard about the rest of Japan thought!)
Thanks for praying for us!