Saturday, October 17, 2009

smiles, smiles, smiles....

Here you go... it's time for my weekly smile list!

-"warriors don't need air conditioning!"

-a friend that says "oh boy" after every time she yawns

-reminicing about the boys in elementary school who used to try and see how red they could make my face get! (ok, so I get embarassed and/or blush a little easy!)

-chubby baby arm rolls

-kids with long dark eyelashes

-adding a thick blanket to my bed and snuggling down in it before falling asleep

-a complaint that my smile lists are too long to compete with!

-rediscovering an old TV show I used to watch called "Bobby's World"... isn't Youtube grand??

-waking up with twisted blankets... causing me to wonder what in the world do I do in my sleep?!

-our mountain climbing guide (aka Bobby) telling us at EVERY new set of stairs... "just a little further, we're almost there"... and then crossing paths with some climbers on their way down who told us (in the exact same words as Bobby) that we were almost there! (because we had been teasing Bobby for saying it to us so many times, he was pretty thrilled to hear them echo his words!)

-a Japanese man who stood beside whichever one of our group of 5 mountain climbers laughing at us and counting '4' after the photographer counted to 3... watching us switch photographers several times so we could all be in at least one picture. Hmm, this is where most people would say "Can I take a picture for you??" but apparently this man didn't think it was necessary!

-flowers, a homemade Thanksgiving card and a dinner out to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving :)

-the monkeys on the "Planet Earth" DVD we watched that were afraid to get in the water

-the way I am such a 'traffic light keener'... even when I'm on my way home from class at 9pm and there is not a soul in sight, I just can't cross the street on a red light!

-a thoughtful 'Happy Thanksgiving' e-mail from an American co-worker :)

-middle aged Japanese women who wear frilly outfits... literally one of my students had frills from head to toe!

-my Japanese teacher making me say a 'tricky word' (hochikisu, the word for stapler...which every person needs to know right?!) several times in different examples she made up... both of us were laughing every time she did it! It was extra funny to me because I've done the very same thing to my students who struggle with words like "Thursday" and "sore throat"!

-watching a usually very quiet student get excited about something he was talking about with a big smile on his face and hearty laughter

-a very loud and obnoxious "Hello!!" from a high school boy as we passed each other on our bikes

-my sister... this week she made me laugh by saying how much she enjoys starting "letters" (blogs/e-mails/comments, etc) with "Dear ______" (people in the library, etc) I think it's her tone of voice that makes me smile when she said it... guess I can't really convey that on a blog can I?

-McDonald's dinner dates :)

-getting a smile out of a shy Japanese boy after several tries

-my parents giving me permission to tell the world I think they're crazy... apparently they're getting tatoo's this weekend... for real. Yup... they're crazy.

-eating dry frosted flakes as a late night snack :)

-talking to my relatives in Nova Scotia on skype after their Thanksgiving dinner... including a great big "pinch" from Uncle Don!! :P

-finding out that I got my aunt and cousin out of dishes duty because they were talking to me!

-my sister and Bobby communicating through their blogs (and mine)

-inspiring another person to start a smile list!

-using the wrong side of my cheese grater, wondering why the cheese wasn't getting grated! duh!

-discovering that I've been saying the word "llama" wrong all my life! (see my previous post!)

I'm sure there was lots of other things that made me smile this week, but this is all I can remember! thanks for reading... I know I've posted a lot of blogs in the last 2 days! And I've still got more to come!


Bobby Baden said...

those monkeys were great.
you sure do a lot of smiling, don't you? I've said a bunch of crazy stuff this week (I'm so funny!) I wonder how many times I will make the list this time... my purpose in life is to see how long I can make your lists get...

Hillary said...

yes, basically I think I could sum up my list this week by simply listing "Bobby Baden" :)I can't keep up with all your funny stories!
But hey, I thought you said my lists were too long...
and where is YOUR smile list from last week??

Bobby Baden said...

I never promised to do it every week... every other week is more realistic for me!
Just wait until after conference next week... I guarantee all the books in the world couldn't hold the smile stories we'll get from there. Those people are CRAZY! (you're one of them now, don't forget!)

Hillary said...

umm I do beleive you called it a 'weekly smile list' when you started it! and this Thursday will mark two weeks... not that I'm keeping track or anything! :P

I'm certainly looking forward to hanging out with all you crazy people at conference, and I'm sure I'll enjoy being one of the crazies too!