Saturday, October 3, 2009

myspace relationships....

I rarely actually use myspace, but now and then I sign in just for fun...

for some reason, a lot of foreign guys seem to be attracted to my "personality" from my myspace page... I've gotten quite a few funny e-mails from random guys asking me to contact them because they are interested in getting to know me and possibly even marrying me... I got another message today and I just felt the need to share because it made me laugh...

"Hello Sweetie.
How re you doing today..? i hopefully believe you doing just I got to read your profile and i think am pretty much interested in getting to know you more better and please do note am not in here for games or to toy with your emotion all am in here for is to see if i can find a comparable and reasonable woman, Who as the fear of God respect and value a relationship...She must be family oriented type and have a great sense of humor and i promise to treat her right through good and bad times.

Hey Pretty, in a short paragraph can you tell me a little about you. I am interested i mean very much interested in you and i will say your picture and profile caught my attention and i think we posses the same qualities it's going to be of a great interest for both us to get to know each other better than just been chat mate. I do look forward to read from you hope u will add me to your yahoo
am new on here and i dont know how to upload my pictures if we can chatt on my yahoo id i think i will send
some pictures to you and as well as your email address
am from long beach but am bi racial i am in moscow russia trying to get my late fathers inherited funds and am looking to relocate if i find the woman of my life

hoping you are the one for me"

sure buddy... I'm a huge fan of getting to know complete strangers over the internet because you never know, I just might be "the one" for you! Hey, maybe I like the sounds of this "late fathers inherited funds" though!! :P JUST KIDDING! This is one of the first that has actually said anything about me being a Christian though! Makes me wonder how many other people get the very same messages from these people! It made me laugh how he split his e-mail into 2 parts... it almost looks like it's from 2 different people!

Hmmm... as much as I enjoy getting these little boosts to my ego by having people tell me I'm beautiful, I think it's time to change my privacy settings!!


nadine said...

hahahaha. wow. You really do get a lot of these comments, this reminds me of you being in Africa! Hehe.

Hillary said...

hahaha yup... me too! I should be keeping track of the number of possible marriages I could have had by now!
thanks for being such a faithful commenter :)