Friday, October 2, 2009

And the smiles just keep coming :)

I'm a little early with my list this week, but since my computer is broken, I don't know when I'll have access to one again... Here's what kept a smile on my face this week...

-getting stuck while saying memory verses with Teresa... saying "...I forget!" only to hear that the next line of the verse was "And do not forget..."

-my big sister... and hearing her say that I'm "growing up so fast"

-the smell of the air after a quick rain shower

-one of my students writing in her journal "Maybe I will be a hangover tomorrow."

-grilled cheese sandwiches galore... can you guess what my default dinner of the week is?!

-hearing about how God answers prayers... and how He's working in other people's hearts :)

-my truly amazing parents

-a new CD in the mail (my prize for being the House FM featured listener!)

-Bobby's comment on a men's plaid shirt in a store... "that has just enough pink in it to make it look like puke!" (don't worry, no one was wearing it! It was just in a display)

-celebrating with a class that finally made it through more than one page in their textbook... usually they talk too much! (but I am able to teach them things as they talk which is fun)

-having doors opened for me :)

-students who flat out tell me they don't like the textbook... (they prefer to just have conversation the whole time... Do you know how hard it is to be the one responsible for keeping a conversation going for a whole hour?!!)

-living in a country with flowers everywhere! I love flowers SOOO much :)

-Lindt chocolates from a student that frequently goes to Costco!

-a grandpa talking away on a cell phone

-the tame little birds at the train station

-listening to stories of how married couples met

-hearing my Japanese teacher tell me that I'm doing good!

-my former youth pastor and his wife calling me "their lil' Hillary"

-adding things (that I've already done) to my to-do list just so I can cross them off :P

-making a healthy dinner with all 4 food groups included! (kind of sad that I don't do that every day!)

-the happy faces my students make when we talk about me coming back to Japan in the future
-learning how to make 'tamago yaki' with Yumi and Teresa

-making up a new casserole recipe

-getting a cozy rainy day where I actually get to stay at home all day

God is sooooo good to me and I really don't think I've gone without a smile on my face for longer than 5 minutes these days! Life would be so boring without smiles and things that make us smile! Don't forget to smile lots today... everyone looks better with a smile on their face! (hmmm how many cheezy sayings can I make up about smiles in one blog?!) :)


nadine said...

Hillary, great list:)
I totally agree with you about the flowers thing, that would be amazing!

I put up a new song on my myspace you should check out:)

Love you OTNS!

Bobby Baden said...

I think my exact words were 'throw up'.

Hillary said...

hahahaha!! sorry to have misquoted you... I'll have to make that correction in my smile list this week! :P