Thursday, October 8, 2009

typhoon update...

So apparently our area built up a whole lot of drama for nothing... I woke up this morning and you'd never know there was a typhoon threat last night! I haven't heard about the rest of Japan, but we're fine here! And hey, I'm still thankful for my morning off! :)

Don't ask me how the night was because as usual, I slept like a log!

I was talking about it with one of my fellow missionaries and we both said we enjoy the anticipation and things like this that cause people to be cooped up in their homes. It reminds me of blizzards in Canada... and waiting for the news that Day Care is closed! :P Ugh... that's certainly a word I am not looking forward to having back in my vocabulary!! (maybe I should clarify that I mean blizzard, not day care!) I think I need to improve on the timing of my mission trips... leaving in January/February like I did when I went to Africa and came here is great, but coming back in December and January is not so smart! I like winter, but I don't like -40!!!

How do you feel about big storms... and winter?!

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