Friday, November 6, 2009

long overdue... but at least I kept my promise!

so... I've finally got some time to post the pictures I have been talking about for about a month now!
These are two of the ladies from the English conversation class I teach at Pastor Nakamura's church... we decided to skip 'class' and we went to a near by island :) These ladies are so funny... they call themselves "Tom and Jerry"

We went out for lunch :)

Don't ask me what any of this is becuase I don't really know...I just eat it! I actually don't really care for traditional Japanese food like this that much...

This is one of my students... the one that did my nails for me... she took me to a cute little restaurant first

This is her salon...

After she did my nails, we went to a local "museum/park" dedicated to the first Prime Minister. These 'models' scared the life out of me when we first came up to the building because I thought they were real people and I wasn't expecting anyone or anything to be in there!

These are two girls in my Saturday English class... aren't they SO cute? The younger girl isn't actually in the class, but she plays the games with us and she's actually really smart!

This is another one of my students, showing me how a 'tea ceremony' is done. (She is a tea ceremony teacher)

These are some pictures of a sunset at "my spot" that I took a few weeks ago... the birds were so entertaining!

These pictures are from some of the sunrises (yes I did say RISE) that I took at our retreat... straight from my window :) My camera is pretty crummy though... Bobby took some pretty amazing ones that maybe he'll post one day...

And here's our group pictures :)
Pretty good looking bunch aren't we??
Anyway, that's all for now... that about catches you up on my latest adventures! Hopefully more to come soon!


Alyssa said...

Gorgeous pictures, Hillary! Wow!

Hillary said...

thanks, Alyssa :)