Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

I thought I wasn't going to bother decorating my apartment this year since I can't put holes in my wall, but after decorating the church and seeing my teammates' houses, I changed my mind and decided to see what I could do in my house! Here's what I came up with!... (majority of this coming from the dollar store!!)

You Winnipeggers might think I'm crazy, but I really miss snow... especially for Christmas! So here's what I did to make it feel a little more like winter...

One of my teammates had some extra lights and they lent them to me so I used the 'secret-tack-on-top-of-the-door-frame-hanger' trick where I'm technically not putting holes in the wall!
So cozy... I love it! Here's what I did to the sliding doors dividing my living room and my kitchen...

And here's my gem of a Christmas tree that Bobby and I found at the dollar store :)

I just bought the candle today, but this picture I took earlier gives you a better idea of what I did with the ribbon at the bottom...
And the grand finale... here's my mini tree! (This is the only thing I didn't buy at the dollar store) It came with the star, a strand of garland, 5 decorations, 5 ribbons and best of all... 10 lights! Do you know how hard it is to make a tree look nice with only that much?! I bought some extras at the dollar store and I'm glad I did! I even found some tiny battery operated lights to put on it too so it doesn't look too bad... (I got a good laugh last night when I couldn't find the battery pack for one of the strands... guess I 'hid them' in the tree pretty good!!)
And here's what it looks like at night... (but you can't really see the dollar store lights)

So... what do you think of my decorating skills? I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself, considering everything is from the dollar store and I can't hang things on the wall!
When do you decorate for Christmas??


Bobby Baden said...

now who's the humble one?!

Hillary said...

:P Perhaps I've been spending too much time with you, my Great Humble One! You're rubbing off on me!