Saturday, November 28, 2009

a happy heart :)

Once again, I'm struggling to come up with a good title and intro to my smile list this week, but I've got nothing! Even though this week has been pretty busy and I've had a lot of late nights and very little sleep, it's still been full of smiles and for that I'm really thankful!

Here's what made me smile this week...

-bundling up inside my house as much as I would bundle up if I was going outside in Winnipeg in the winter!

-skyping the CT gang at their retreat... and getting teased about my "teammate" ;) (Thanks, Devin!)

-going to the "42th Hikari Chorus Festival" (yes, the sign said 42th!)

-shopping for Christmas decorations at the dollar store with my 'dollar store buddy' :)

-vanilla candles from the dollar store that actually smell like vanilla!

-relaxing dinners

-giving flowers :) (I love how faces just seem to naturally light up when someone gets flowers!)

-the "Planet Earth" commentator

-discovering a creative way to display some pictures and cards without putting holes in my wall (wish I had of thought of it sooner!)

-receiving flowers first thing in the morning :)

-decorating for Christmas... with a certain someone who thinks there can never be too many lights on a tree! (but I do have to admit that I agree... and I think the tree looks perfect!)

-getting a hug (without asking for it) on a 'grumpy' day

-the words "I'm sorry" and "I forgive you"... why is it that these words are so difficult to say?! You'd think we would want to say them more because they bring such freedom and relief!

-another thing that's always on my list... Japanese kids!

-front tooth-less smiles :)

-hearing my favorite Amy Grant Christmas album over and over :)

-an American Thanksgiving celebration with my second family... there's just something so special about crowding 14 people around a table and sharing a meal together :) (eating turkey and pumpkin pie made me smile too!)

Our family Thanksgiving dinner (minus Colby who was taking the picture!)

-the simplistic beauty and innocence of an 11 year olds' prayer

-a personal note from my mail carrier letting me know I have a package!

-learning how to make paper cranes... and finally starting to get good at it!

-having a lady tell me my crane looked more like a pelican than a crane! (she didn't know I made it so she apologized after she found out!)

-construction workers who stop traffic for me just so I can cross the road through a construction zone on my bike :)

-an old man laughing and commenting on my grocery basket being "sukunai" (not very full)

-a little healthy competition while playing Spoons

-24/7 Christmas music on my internet radio station :)

-having a 7 year old laugh at how bad I am at handbells!

-a very thoughtful care pacakage from my church in Riverton :)

-Dad telling me what to put on my smile list :P

There you go! You know the drill... tell me what made you smile this week too :) (I like comments!)


Bobby Baden said...

hey, I've been falling behind on my comments recently! I'm glad that so many things made you happy during this busy week... And I'm glad you like the fully lit and decorated Christmas tree - cause we'd have problems if you didn't!

Hillary said...

that's alright... I haven't been writing too many blogs for you to comment on these days!
Of course I like the tree... it's really pretty and it makes me smile every time I walk into the church! (Especially when it's all lit up!) We might have had some issues if you had tinsel this year though! :P
We need to take a picture of it sometime soon so I can brag about our decorating skills on here!

Alyssa said...

You're so cute, Hillary =D Your Happy Lists always make me smile! Have a fabulous week!

Tammy said...

We have never met, we may have crossed I lived in Selkirk; worked in Gimli (a year and a half ago) but beyond that..I doubt it, I looked at a friends blog which lead me to another blog and onto yours. (Crazy I know). Why am I rambling? Well I'm just letting you know I'm stealing your "Smile" list idea. If the idea clicks you may have a bunch of Nunavut bloggers following suit.

Merry Holidays!
Tammy Fidler
Kugaaruk, NU