Saturday, November 7, 2009

more smiles :)

I think I need to work on my intro's to these lists... I've got nothing today! Here's what made me smile this week... Enjoy!

-a little girl skipping down the isles of the dollar store... she was feeling as much joy in that store as I do! :)

-packing my groceries (on the first try!) so that they fit perfectly in my bike basket

-watching a 3 year old boy and a 5 year old girl trying to console a crying 3 month old baby

-a spontaneous visit from Yumi (when I was in my pj's!)

-getting a gift from Yumi because it made her think of me and Bobby... and getting a bag of Halloween treats from her too :)

-talking to a friend on skype and hearing her story about an encounter with a very attractive 007 man... and the fact that she almost told me the story twice in the same conversation!

-Dayna and her roommate Michelle... and their crutch war video :)

-days off :) (and spending them with special people!)

-the sound of babies laughing

-hearing stories of how couples met and got married... and watching the sparkle in their eyes light up as they remember their early days of dating :)

-little old ladies with purple hair (not intentional I don't think...)

-Pastor Nakamura calling himself my 'backseat driver' after he told several people about Bobby and I!

-watching a hearty 'welcome home' greeting at the train station

-burning my grilled cheese sandwich... just trying to maintain my reputation!

-making people excited when they make it on my smile list :)

-presents from my students!

-the anticipation of opening a new e-mail :)

-cool evenings with cozy pj's, a blanket and a cup of peppermint tea

-a heated toilet seat on a chilly morning! (that borders on too much information doesn't it?!)

-Dad coming on skype and moving in front of the camera saying "Hello, this is your Dad here!"

-my Mom... she's just so cute!

-a video of Lincoln impersonating how puppies drink :) (yes, I'll confess I cheated on my Facebook rehab again!)

-a special visit from Darth Vader on skype :)

-This commercial... I heart Canada :)

-a little old man talking to himself while wandering the isles of the dollar store (uh oh, since this list is in chronological order I guess that means I'm busted that I went to the dollar store twice in one week!)

-the orange sample lady at the grocery store eating her own samples!

Thanks once again, God, for the many smiles you blessed me with this week! Thank you for the beautiful fall weather! You are so good to me! :)

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