Friday, November 27, 2009

what service!

Happy Thanksgiving :) (I think I like this business of celebrating two Thanksgivings!) Tonight we had an amazing turkey dinner and I really enjoyed the fellowship. Unfortunately, Bobby and I had to leave earlier than everyone else because we had a class to teach.

Anyway, I just had to post about this because it made me smile...

Tonight I checked my mail box (I had been gone all day) and I found a very neat hand written note that read as follows:

"Dear Ms. Timmons,
You have a parcel from Canada. However, due to its' size (doesn't go thro' the post) it is being securely held at Hirao post office. Like before, please leave a memo detailing the delivery date and approximate time. I shall try to deliver at your convenience. If not you can call me on ... This is my cell no. Thanks. 11/26 11:06 AM P/S I might drop by this evening)"

Is that service or what?! I did get a similar note a few months ago, but I'm still really impressed! Not only did they leave a note to tell me I have a package, but it's in English!!! This is opposed to they typical Japanese delivery service that leaves an "encrypted"(aka Japanese) generic note about numbers to call and how to arrange a re-delivery (I've gotten a few of these when I received my modem from the phone company)
And... this person gave me their own phone number!! :)

Anyway, I should be making my way to bed instead of blogging, but I hope this post made you smile! This defintely makes the smile list this week!

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