Saturday, November 21, 2009

life is better with smiles :)

I think I am becoming a blog slacker for some reason... I think it's the combination of being busy, but feeling like I've got nothing 'blog-worthy'! I also feel less guilty knowing that I have my weekly smile lists posts though :)
Speaking of smiles... I was certainly blessed to have another week full of smiles and laughter and these are just a few of the highlights...

-the smell of late Fall/early winter (I think it's the combination of cool air and wood burning)

-clean windows! (actually anything clean makes me smile... why don't I clean more often?!)

-my teammates and co-workers and the endless playful banter between us!

-the entertainment and discussions that come along when you squeeze 7 people into a minivan!

-the anticipation of 24/7 Christmas music starting next week on the internet radio station I listen to :)

-having someone tell you you're pretty on a day when you don't have a speck of make up on!

-a bag of Halloween treats from one of my students (which included two of my favorites... Butterfinger and Nerds...but no Gobstoppers)

-telling the story of "Purple, Green and Yellow" to my students... it's my favorite kids' book! I get so excited when I read it and apparently when tell it too!

-one of my male students singing his favorite song for us in the middle of class :)

-getting to play with a 2 year old boy during the Bible time after my English class... and making him laugh :) My heart couldn't be much happier knowing that I can make kids laugh even when I can only speak 2 or 3 words to them! ...maybe that's why he was laughing! :P

-a certain someone who stepped in and did the dishes when I had a bunch of other tasks on the go :)

-talking about my family's Christmas traditions in my English classes

-a cute little old man on the train that waved goodbye to me as he got off :)

-I think this is probably on my list every week... but I'll add it again this week: flowers :)

-getting a 'congratulations present' from the ladies in my class in Shunan!

-3 way conversations via the comment box on my blog :)

-fresh multigrain bread... it's pretty rare here!

-spending my whole day off with my boyfriend... and other good friends too!

-the Bobby vs Taka banter (teasing each other in a way that only they could get away with!)

-Taka and Aki's little girl, Mika :) she's SO cute! Watching her try to decide if she liked Bobby or not was really entertaining!

-Aki giving up some of her precious candy cane chocolate from the States for me :)

-reminiscing about Elementary/Jr High school days...including the hairstyles and popular music!

-playing handbells with the kids in my Saturday morning class, and having Dorothy say that the kids were better than I was! (I am terribly musically challenged!!)

-Dad falling asleep while talking to me on Skype! :P

Hope your week was full of smiles too... please comment and tell me what made you smile this week!

I'm off to do some language study so until next time... keep on smiling :)


Sixer said...

Coming home, definitely. It's Thanksgiving Break, and I just got home Friday to be stampeded by my hyperactive siblings. The littlest one talks so much, it breaks my heart with sweetness - when I left she only said a random word or two and now it's "watch this" or "my chair."

I don't think I've ever been so impressed with flowers as when I was in Japan. They were always there, lending their subtle perfumes to the air and and inviting us just to sit and adorn them with praises of their beauty. Have you taken a flower arranging class yet? I only went to one, but it was hilarious. My results were.... less than perfect. The sensei came over and completely redid it before telling me that it looked good ^_^

Hillary said...

aww that's so special! Thanks for sharing your smiles with me!

No, I haven't taken a class yet, but I'm sure my results would be less than perfect as well! I'd like to take one at some point just though just to see what it's like... and see if I can make sense of some of the "random" arrangements I've seen!