Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, the smiles just keep coming... even in the midst of a week of goodbyes! God is SO good to me.... Here's my smile list!

-sharing a 'testimony' for the first time during the time in church when we share prayer requests and praises

-little babies with full heads of fuzzy hair

-a stubbron Basset Hound... actually I think it was the little old man trying to drag him on a walk made me smile more than the dog did!

-eating dessert overlooking the water

-sunsets and beautiful views

-hearing songs that remind you of someone

-having company over for dinner

-having 3 single girls oooh and ahhh over my cooking :)

-hosting my teammates for dinner... enjoying a few hours of good fellowship with much laughter and many stories of 'missionary legends' of the past :P (of course no names were mentioned though!)

-shopping adventures with Teresa (Bob's patience made me smile too!)

-getting a free pair of cute socks at a little gift shop because the lady found out I am leaving next week :)

-so many people paying for my meals!-flower shopping :)-a proud grandma showing off pictures of her grandaughter

-Brent McCoy's love song...

-"Friday Night" fun! :)

-home made cards from my English class kids... they are absolutely amazing!!

-the mothers of the English class students staying after my farewell lunch to ask me questions all about my "love story" :)

-Sona chan giving me hugs and letting me hold her for a group picture... she was so sweet and leaned her head on my cheek for one of them... my heart melted!

-laughing about eating corn with chopsticks with Eri chan :)

-treating someone else to dinner for a change this week!

I've got plenty to do tonight so I need to quit procrastinating and get to work!
Thanks for keeping up with my smiles :) Have a great weekend!

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