Saturday, January 2, 2010

the first edition of Hillary's smile list in 2010 :)

Happy New Year!

Here's my first smile list of 2010! enjoy...

-sitting in the sunshine that was coming in through the window in church (I'm like a cat... except I couldn't fall asleep since I was in church!)

-Mrs K putting her hand on my knee as someone prayed for Bobby in church :) (she's really looking out for me!)

-Mrs K saying (with much pride and in English) "My best friend is Baden Sensei!!" (Bobby)

-Masanobu kun 'sharing' half of his Christmas orange with me... (sounds sweet of him, but really it was because he didn't want it!)

-a road trip with a group of 3 friends that have welcomed me into their group without hesitation :)

-beautiful pink and fluffy clouds at sunset

-being told that my Japanese is beautiful... after saying just 2 words!! :P

-a 'gentle' transition from Christmas music to regular music on the radio station I listen to (every 4th or 5th song is a Christmas song)

-spending the day in my pj's :)

-catching up on e-mail replies!!

-"mingling laundry"

-"bloated barley" in our turkey soup!

-"I was fast like lightening!!" ~Natalie while playing Blitz (can't quite capture the humility in her voice when it's typed out though!)

-my terrible video game skills showcased while playing Mario brothers with Natalie... I got the hint when she asked if I wanted to play another game! :P

-waking up, pulling back the curtains and FINALLY seeing snow falling!!!

-taking part in the annual Chistar Japan Field New Year's party tradition of playing Bunko!

-a sleepover with a good friend... this time she didn't have to go out and buy milk for her coffee... I was a little more prepared this time!

-missing the countdown by 4 minutes because I couldn't find an official countdown in time! oops!

-getting an e-mail from one of my best friends that I've known since grade 4 containing a picture of her and Bobby standing beside each other at Urbana... God is amazing! :)

-making new friends pretty much instantly :)

-hearing stories of how my parents surprised their family in Nova Scotia on Christmas day

-Brad walking in on my skype conversation with Lissa just in time to hear me say "My bum hurts!" (Let me give a little background for that one... I had been sitting on the floor for about 3 hours!)

-using up all my cell phone minutes the day before they expire :) no wasting here!!

-getting a friends' wedding ceremony program and a favor in the mail with a picture of her and another girl I was in Africa with :) (Thanks for your thoughtfulness Amber!)

Hope you've had a good week of smiles too!

You're not doing very good at commenting by the way! (except for my faithful family members and my boyfriend!) Come on all you 'stalkers'... make yourselves known by telling me what you did for New Year's! :P


Bobby Baden said...

I guess I better leav a comment so I don't get moved to the 'bad' list... Your whole list made me smile! I really enjoyed it, and smile as I picture you having a good time with everyone else. Makes me sad not to share in it with you, though. Tell Mrs. K her best friend says 'Wassup!'... :)

Hillary said...

:P good choice!
glad I can make you smile even though we're not together! I liked your smile list and I was very proud when I saw you made another one without a 'friendly reminder'! :)
I'll do my best to translate your greeting for Mrs K :P
thanks for the comment... you get the hero cookie of the day!