Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I think I'm in heaven...

ok, maybe just back in Canada!!

Folks... I just made my favorite meal... poutine and chicken strips here in Japan tonight!
This is how much I was looking forward to it...

Here's the final product... (yes, my chicken strips are probably classified as nuggets, but I don't care!)

Yes, I'm a nerd... but I know it, so that makes it ok right?! You can tell I'm excited because I just addressed my blog audience as 'folks'... I never to that!

I could have thought ahead a little more and maybe I wouldn't be eating my dinner at 10:25, but hey, it was well worth the wait!! I even had slightly BBQ flavored ranch to dip my chicken strips in! (thanks to one tiny pack of McDonald's BBQ sauce!) Best part is... I have enough to make this meal all over again!! :)

I'm just sad that I don't have anyone to enjoy it with........... ok, maybe not THAT sad! ...more for me! :P

Funny how all of the sudden all of my 'favorites' are coming up recently.... favorite movie, favorite meal... what's next?! :P

ok, enough showing off my nerd side! I'm off to enjoy some more delicious food! :)


Melissa said...

mmmmm, i have not had poutine for sooo long. maybe our momma would make us some next month if we offered to help or at least said "please"?
also, what is this bbq ranch you speak of - i must try that!

Hillary said...

sounds like a good plan to me... I'll probably end up making it though... Mom says I'm a pro :)
and what is this? You've never made BBQ ranch before?? it's so good! just add a little BBQ sauce to your ranch dressing and you've got a delicious dip! :)

Taka & Aki said...

Hi Hillary! That picture of you is the cutest! The meal looks yummy too. We had an English teacher with us from Canada a few years ago and she was all excited when she made the poutine. I didn't get a chance to catch up on all of your blog just now, but I'm glad you are smilin lots! hope you enjoy your "last" days in Japan. taka's back in the prefecture now, so you can feel a little safer. HA HA HA....
(ps) word verification is "coutszze" ...sounds like cutesie:)

Hillary said...

aww thanks Aki... I think it's nerdy! :P
it's good to hear from you! I'm sure you're plenty busy these days! When do you come back to this prefecture?? (my memory is awful!)
Good to know Taka's got my back now... I do feel safer :) I wish I could come for another visit before I leave, but unfortunately I don't think that will happen :(
someday I'll see your sweet face again though and I'm already looking forward to it!
I'm praying for you and I'm excited to hear about your trip when you have time when you get back!!
(that's a funny word! I don't get to see mine until after I type the comment!)

nadine said...

Hehehe. I love you OTNS!
wISH i was there to enjoy that with you! :)

Hillary said...

me too! I think you and Brandon should come and visit me in Winnipeg soon!!
love you OTNS too! :)

Dombowsky Family said...

you make me smile Hill! We are hosting a Korean student for the month - and the one thing I told her we HAD to do was go for some poutine! She asked me what it I explained! :) I don't even care if she likes it, its really just excuse for me to go eat some!