Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun at the grocery store...

Today, I made a quick stop by the grocery store because my fridge was a little barren. As I was checking out, I attempted to make conversation with one of the clerks that has become one of my favorites. I was feeling quite proud of myself for actually using some of my Japanese (I have to admit I am overly shy about speaking Japanese and I don't use it nearly as much as I should) when the conversation suddenly went in an unexpected direction...

she asked me what I was making for dinner tonight (since I was buying frozen french fries, grated cheese and chicken). Hmm.... how does one explain "poutine and home made chicken strips" in Japanese??!! :P Good luck with that one!

I decided not to bother trying (since there was someone waiting in line behind me) and went with the "I don't know yet" answer!!

Anyway, I'm excited to make poutine and chicken strips for dinner tonight! (I recently enherited some gravy mixes from a missionary that's leaving the field soon) Sure... 2 1/2 weeks before I leave Japan I finally get to make my favorite Canadian food! :P

My days are slowly filling up with lunch and dinner dates, trying to get in as many special goodbyes as possible! I was thinking I wouldn't have that many, but now that everyone is replying to my e-mails, my calender is looking pretty full! ...but I'm thankful for that because that means that I've made a lot of meaningful relationships this year! :) Thanks for praying for me as I finish up here... for this chapter of my life anyway!

By the way... it's FREEZING here!! It snowed again today! (this is really unusual!) My computer says it's 1 but feels like -4... I'm sure it's colder than that with the nasty wind we've got today. Oh yikes... what am I going to do when I get back to WINNIPEG??!! (I'm assuring myself that it's a "different" kind of cold here and that I'll be fine....)

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