Monday, January 11, 2010

it's official...

...Anne of Green Gables is my favorite movie! (I like all of them but I think the second one is my favorite)

I don't know why I always forget about Anne of Green Gables when someone asks me what my favorite movie is, but as I'm watching them right now, I've rekindled my love for these movies and I'm officially declaring them my favorite now :)

No other movie makes me as giddy as Anne of Green Gables does! I love Anne's dramatic flare and I definitely feel a connection to her because we both have red hair :) (and I'm sure some might say we share the 'strong will' that goes with it!) Of course I love the story of Anne and Gilbert and their years of banter that turns into romance.

My middle name is actually Anne... of course spelled the "romantic way" with an 'e' as Anne says!

I really don't know why I haven't actually bought the DVD's yet... but I'll certainly be searching for them when I get home! :)

Anyway, if you've never seen the Anne of Green Gables series, you definitely need to! I know you'll love them! (but probably not as much as I do though!)


Melissa said...

i will confess, i have not watched these. at least, if i have, i do not recall them. maybe we should watch a couple next month!

Alyssa said...

As a child (and even now, probably) I could recite Anne of Green Gables word for sisters and I watched that movie hundreds of times. Just looking at those pictures brings back so many happy childhood memories!

Hillary said...

Lissa, apparently we were sheltered little children... the first time I watched them was when I went to Africa!! It's sort of embarrassing that we're Nova Scotia girls who grew up without Anne of Green Gables in our lives!
Yes, we should watch some when you come! (Although that's a lot of sitting in front of the TV... I'd rather be 'doing stuff' with you!)

Alyssa, glad I could bring back some memories for you! I can just imagine you, Michelle and Stacey gathered around the TV :)
Gotta love classic movies!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes I am a failure as a mother! Guess I just always assumed you had both seen them! How can I make it up to you? Momma xoxo

Hillary said...

No Momma, you're not a failure!! You are the best Momma in the world!
Maybe it can be made up if we have an Anne party when Lissa come? Hey, that could be part of our Valentine's date!! :)
Can't wait! love you!!

Dombowsky Family said...

My grandfather also is a HUGE anne of Green gables fan! That always makes me giggle!