Sunday, September 27, 2009

The smiles continue...

My computer decided to crash on me (I'm borrowing one now) so I couldn't post this yesterday, but here's my smile list for this week!

-an unexpected stomach growl from the lady sitting beside me in church... and then her giggles about it after

-having a picnic in the park and watching families spend time together


-watching a little girl run ahead of her dog, making her poor Mom run with the dog because she was holding the leash

-getting the titles of 'fashion model' and 'like God' all in one day... (I 'modeled' a kimono after front of everyone- only to find out I'm too wide...yes, thank you for pointing that out in front of everyone...I really enjoyed that...not!) (apparently my habit of being agreeable to anything makes me 'like God' according to one of the church ladies!)

-the sound of a little girl giggling as she made her little brother pick up 8 cards while playing Uno!

-watching fish jump out of the water as the tide came in

-hot pink clouds

-the word "sprinkles" in a weather forecast :)

-Dad buying Mom a single red rose... just because :)... and how Mom knew that I would put that on my smile list as soon as I said 'awwwww' when he showed it to me on the webcam :)

-making kids laugh

-Dad 'throwing me a football' on the webcam and then asking 'are you going to write that on your list, Hill?!' : P

-getting an e-mail from a the exact format of the 'absence note' we had studied last week (including the date at the top right hand corner!) just to "inform it [me] of the e-mail address" of he and his wife

-the beautiful chirping of a bird early in the morning

-answered prayers

-finally crossing something off of my on-going to-do list that has been there for months!

-getting "real" mail

-being called 'Miss Hillary'

-the cute little happy songs that play over the loudspeaker in Hirao at certain times... (I've only ever heard the 12pm, 5pm and 10pm song, but I think there's one pretty early in the morning)

-making other people smile when they 'make it' on my smile list :)

-Bosco, my teammate's dog... one particular highlight was watching him chase 2 cats up a tree, as well as taking a long walk along the beach with him and watching him hop in the air in attempt to avoid the waves that splashed up a little higher than he was expecting!

-"Howard" (ok, so it's kind of an inside joke...)

-camping... spending time with teammates who remind me of my family

-doing devotions on the beach

-watching a sunrise for the first time in a long time

-butterflies in my stomach

-Reese's Peanut Butter cups

-coming home to more 'real mail' containing the BEST card ever from a dear friend :) had a voice clip in it and a funny little song that made me laugh! (Thanks Cassandra!!)

-songs written by my bestest friend Nadine

-multiple requests on myspace to 'get to know me' and messages telling me I'm gorgeous!

-one of our Friday Night friends (and one of my English students) pointing to a picture of Bobby and asking "what's this?!" ...ah yes, the superb English teacher strikes again! : P

-4 days in a row of waking up without an alarm clock!

-the flowers on my table and the peanut-butter-chocolate fudge in my fridge :)

This week I had plenty of smiles, but thanks to my wonderful memory, I couldn't remember everything... but I think the 'top ones' made it on here :) I am so blessed to have a life filled with laughter and smiles! God is so good to me and my heart is overflowing with joy :) I love making these lists!!

Don't forget to tell me what made you smile this week!


nadine said...

I just have to say I love your lists, and the fact that you do them so often:) I will have to do one sometime. When we were on tour we had to write one thing in our journal everyday as a "kissed by God" thats what your list reminds me of:)

I laughed quite a few times reading this, and I smiled a lot!
Love you OTNS!

Hillary said...

yay :) I'm glad you like them and I'm glad I made you smile! It's been a good habit for me to do this weekly... I've really enjoyed it! That's pretty neat that you did something similar on you BUGirl tour!