Friday, September 25, 2009

a pictoral description of the 'Central Team 2009 Camping Trip' *updated with more pictures!*

Day 1...
As the old saying goes, getting there was half the fun :)

(Bobby's car in the lead)

a friendly little praying mantis that decided to take up residence on my tent door

The view from my tent...

my tent (above)

Bobby's tent and our little shelter for the food/camping supplies

Bob and Teresa's tent

Day 2...
We went on a little hike and then a beach walk and these are some of the pictures I took... (along with a couple from Bob!)

I'm in my happy place :)

Day 3...
I woke up earlier than usual and I went down to the beach and did my devotions by the water. I was up early enough to watch the sun rise (which I haven't intentionally done for a long time because everyone knows how much I love mornings!) so I took some pictures of it (and my surroundings)

I think we all had a really good time with plenty of relaxing and enjoying each others' presence. I'm very thankful God allowed us to do this and gave us this way to refresh ourselves and take a break from our usual busy-ness! Although we didn't get a whole lot of good sleep, we were VERY blessed to have absolutely perfect weather and stunning scenery around us to enjoy...I left feeling quite refreshed! (and quite sad to leave!)

It was super fun to see the 'relaxed side' of my teammates and spend time with them in a more causal setting. It's fun how camping is a fast way to sides of people you haven't seen before and watch people 'let loose' just because they can!

I've said this several times before, but I absolutely love my teammates. They really do remind me a lot of my own family. It was very special to spend time with them this week and I'm very grateful to them for making this happen :) I got quite spoiled this week, getting to choose the place we camped (ocean vs mountains), getting the first pick of where my tent went, getting the last Reese's Peanut Butter cup, and playing my 'family game' several times. Thanks for all your hard work guys... I hope you had as much fun as I did! It was a camping trip not soon to be forgotten!

Thank you God for this wonderful week. Thank you for the time of relaxation and refreshment. Thank you for laughter and the gift of good friends. You are so good to me :)


nadine said...

:) Glad to hear to had a great trip!!! Hehe.

Bard and Ursula said...

That looks like it was a beautiful spot! I would have chosen the ocean over the mountain too. As Brad would say, it's because that's what our "homeland" is like!
I think the pictures of the games is really funny! Everyone looks super exited! I'm assuming everyone was just very focused. (oh yeah, what family game did you play?)
Hope you're having a good weekend. I'll talk to you soon. Love you, little one!

Hillary said...

thanks Nadine :)

and thanks Lissa! you're right... it's in our blood so we just naturally love the ocean!
I quite enjoy the game pictures too... you're right, I think everyone was trying really hard to win so they're all focused!
We played Blitz... I'll be good and practiced up for the next time you visit! (when will you be in Winnipeg again by the way? are you having Christmas with Mom and Dad?)

Bobby Baden said...

hey, you didn't mention anything about losing horribly at all the games... why's that??

Bard and Ursula said...

what? Hillary lost at Blitz? that's shocking!

Hillary said...

oh you are SO funny, Bobby! :P I wouldn't say I lost horribly... I just didn't win! It's all about perspective!

and yes Lissa, I did lose when we played at camp, but I pretty much left everyone in the dust when we played at "Friday Night"!
You didn't answer my question about Christmas!

Bard and Ursula said...

oh sorry, for Christmas we are staying in Thunder Bay. We can't really afford to go to both families (or one for that matter) so we thought we'd just stay here. next year when we're working we'll come for the holidays (maybe not Christmas day since I will have no seniority when choosing vacation time!) but for a visit anyway!

Hillary said...

ah ok. poor Mom and Dad... first Christmas all by themselves hey?! Mom told me tonight that they'll have to adopt some kids to have over for dinner or something, but I'm sure they'll be fine!
Will be looking forward to next Christmas then!