Thursday, September 10, 2009

I make myself laugh...

I think I've got a serious addiction... no, it's not an addiction to Facebook anymore...

I'm addicted to Dollar stores!! (100 yen shops in Japan)

Every time I walk in a dollar store, I feel compelled to buy something... there's just so many 'neat' things... I can always find something I can use...whether I need it or not!

Today I went in with one item in mind to purchase.... I came out with 3, which I guess is not so bad, (It's better than usual!) but it does prove my point! It's especially hard for me in Japan because everything is so new and 'cute'. (and of course it doesn't help that I'm always looking for good reasonably priced souvenirs for people at home) I just love dollar stores! I just discovered that there's a website for the main chain of 100 yen stores in Japan... check it out here if you're bored! and maybe if you find something you like, I might be able to bring it back for you!

Sometimes I couldn't be happier with my purchases, but other times I end up thinking... "hmm, there's a reason why this was so cheap!"

Good grief, I sure do know how to write random blogs... how do I go from blogs about what God's doing in my heart to blogs about dollar stores?! That's why I called today's blog what I did! If I don't make anyone else laugh, at least I can make myself laugh!

Guess I should move on to something a little more productive... like making dinner and doing the dishes! thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my 'smile list' this weekend! :)


Sixer said...

Dishes never really felt "productive" to me. They always seem to get dirty again, as if you never washed them in the first place.

That's my excuse, anyway.

Hillary said...

well... I sort of have to agree with that...kind of like making the bed!

I have this funny thing where I seem to like washing other peoples' dishes and I'll do them in a heartbeat, but I will put off doing my own for as long as I can!

I do have to confess that although I did make dinner, I might have opted to paint my toes instead of doing the dishes tonight!

April said...

Hi Hillary...I've never met you, but I'm one of the MK's that grew up in Yamaguchi-ken. I just found your blog today! I just wanted to tell you that I am SO EXCITED about the Daiso website! ;-) Seriously, I had no idea they had one where you could have things shipped to the US.

You made ME smile today! :-)

Hillary said...

Hi April! Nice to "meet" you! I think I've heard your name over here before :)
Just curious... how did you stumble on my blog?
I'm so glad I can make you so excited! I just randomly googled Daiso when I wrote this post so this was the first I had heard of it too! That's really neat you can have things shipped to the States... I didn't look at the site long enough to notice that! Happy shopping!! :)

April said...

Hi Hillary...well, I replied to your question last week, but it isn't showing up...not sure what I did wrong. Anyway! I found your blog from a comment you left on Bobby's blog. Hope you don't mind me reading...I have really been enjoying your posts about life in Japan! It makes me feel just a tiny bit like I'm back there. :-)

Hillary said...

that's ok! I was wondering if it was better to reply on here or on your blog, but I'm glad you found it here!
I had a feeling that's where you found me :)I'm glad you like my blog and I don't mind you reading at all... it's nice to know I've got people that actually read this!