Saturday, September 19, 2009

Smile list...

It's my favorite time of the week! this is what made me smile this week... enjoy!

-inspiring others to make 'smile lists'

-getting an e-mail asking for my address (and knowing that something is on it's way to me in the mail!)

-having friends from High School that still write letters, and then reviving the dieing art of letter writing by writing back to them :)

-watching the swans, ducks and fish (and 2 Canadian geese!) at the park during prayer day

-playful banter between teammates and fellow missionaries

-2 little boys in just t-shirts and underwear frantically waving and shouting "bye bye!" several times as we walked past them on our prayer walk

-a brave little 7 year old boy and his friend approaching us with a confident "Hello. Nice to meet you" and a firm handshake.

-finding a 1.5 L of Calpis soda for 200 yen at the grocery store... that means saving even more money... and more Calpis soda for me! :)

-Brent McCoy's song about one of his triplets... listen to it here

-talking to my plants and flowers to make help them grow better... yes, I know, I'm like a little old lady but I'm sure it makes a difference!

-God's incredibly deep love

-a very sweet and meaningful e-card from a friend :)

-the fact that my smile list is getting longer each week!

-hearing my name on the radio all week long!

-my teddy bear's funny squished face that made it look like he was complaining about how I had just tossed him in the closet when I put my bed away the day before

-the smell of honey after a sneeze... and how it makes me think of my Mom (yes, I know it sounds pretty crazy, but seriously, the next time you sneeze, see if you can smell honey right after!)

-long e-mails from my big sister... and skype dates at 2 am :)

-hearing that Dad was bragging about how many times he made it on my last smile list!

-teaching the difference between "I am excited" and "I am exciting"

-hearing one of my students say that he wishes I could teach him English forever!

-passionate gardeners

-David Crowder Band's song "How He Loves"....

-getting compliments on a necklace I bought at the 100 yen store... and the surprised reactions that come after I reveal the "secret" of where I bought it!

-being called "Martha Stewart- without the criminal record" :)

-cookies and cream ice cream popsicles... mmm mmm good!

-an e-mail from a pregnant friend containing cute belly pictures

-girlishly oogling (yes, I made that word up!) and ahhhing at pictures of Il Divo with two of my students (one of them is a HUGE fan and she recently went to a concert!)

-the teammate that I called 'thoughtful' last week refusing to sacrifice the last ice cream popsicle for me... and then proceeding to tell me it was 'really good' when he finished! (I was just teasing and I didn't really want it... I was just trying to make him feel guilty, but apparently it didn't work!)

-being able to help some students understand something because I knew the Japanese word for it... on more than one occasion lately!

-plans to go camping with my teammates next week!

-the sunny flowers I bought last week that are continuing to open up

-a real conversation (in Japanese) with the girl at the bakery... all by myself!

-dramatic students acting out 'health problems' along with struggling to pronounce 'sore throat'

-my new-to-me cutlery and wonderful new cutlery holders (the one drawer that I have in my kitchen is not big enough for a set like this so I found these tin cans at the 100 yen store :) They're a little taller than I wanted them to be... but they're hot pink and they add a nice little touch of sunshine to my kitchen!)
-teasing Dad on skype and getting the classic reaction of "Hillary..." when he can't think of anything else to say! (Hearing Mom say "you still got it, Hill" also made me smile!)

-this news story...

-a lady carrying a bag with pictures of my Snuggle Bear on it!!

-long leisurely bike rides along the river and discovering new places

-the smell of plain cooked hamburg... I have no idea why but I love plain ground beef!

-the sound of kids giggling and laughing

-great big beautiful butterflies

Thank you once again, God, for the countless ways You've made me smile this week. Thank you for the beautiful gift of laughter and joy! :)


Bobby Baden said...

Hey Martha,
I am exciting!!
The underwear boys made me smile, too. I don't get the honey thing. Yes, I tried.
There is a difference between not sacrificing and 'refusing to sacrifice'... Plus, I knew you didn't really want it anyway. At least it wasn't cookies and cream... Don't hate.
Thanks for the salad today! :)

Hillary said...

You just made me laugh so hard!!

Maybe you're just sneezing wrong... : P just kidding... maybe it's just a weird family thing! (I do notice it more when I'm in a small space like a car)

Good you cleared up the difference between those two sacrifices... otherwise people might think I had mean and selfish teammates! : P
Yes, I might have been a little more aggressive in my fight for the last ice cream bar had it of been a cookies and cream bar! (but I've got my own stash in my freezer now!)

You're welcome... did you guys eat all of it?

Bobby Baden said...

Well, we ate all we wanted of it! :) Seriously, it was almost all gone. I guarantee it will be all gone (in a green bag) by 8:30 in the morning! Doesn't mean I am not thankful though!

Hillary said...

that's alright... I probably wouldn't have eaten near as much as you guys did! I'm glad you used it up! I'm mad that tomorrow's my morning to sleep in but I have to get up to put my garbage out... I would leave it but since it's already really stinky and we'll be gone on Thursday morning I guess I have to get up at a 'normal time'... (here's where everyone feels sorry for me!)

Bobby Baden said...

I thought 8:30 was sleeping in...

Hillary said...

yes, it certainly is these days!! I guess my complaint was that I wanted to wake up with no alarm clock but between not knowing when that would be and not knowing what time the garbage guys usually come, I figured I had better set an alarm. I did wake up at 7 on my own though (I guess my body was just used to waking up early) so I (unwillingly) got up and took it out... then I drifted in and out of sleep as I watched a movie in bed when I came back in! (it also helps to know that I can take a nap anytime I want today just because I can!)

Dombowsky Family said...

Hurray!! I made it on the smile list!
And guess what? That made me smile! :)

Hillary said...

awww yay, I'm happy I could make another person smile! I'm so glad you sent me those pictures! I love the one of Linc hugging your belly! I'll e-mail you back soon k?!