Sunday, December 6, 2009

a picture says a thousand words...

Today I got the CD of pictures from my trip to Miyajima with my friends Norkio, Tomoko and Megumi! I'm really excited to post all of them, but there are many, many other things I need to be doing right now so I'll just give you one as a teaser...

(Clicking on it to make it bigger makes it even better!)

I think this is my favorite picture ever!! We had set up the self timer and all of the sudden this dear decided it wanted to be in the picture too! Tomoko was terrified of the deer, Megumi was worried about her camera, I couldn't stop laughing about the timing of this deer walking in front of us, and Noriko just looks as fabulous as she always does!! Nothing like natural pictures! :)

The rest of the pictures are really good and I can't wait to post them... but it'll have to wait!

Have a good week! :)

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Sixer said...

Those deer are beyond belief, the way they come right up to you without any fear. Isn't funny how intimidating they are? We spend a great deal of our childhoods wishing animals weren't so afraid of us so we could catch them, and then when we meet some bold ones we freak out.