Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cultural differences... and delightful Christmas presents!

let's face it. some cultural differences are just plain hard to deal with!

Today, I was told by one of my students that he thought I "ate like a horse". hmm what does one say to that?!

We were having a potluck lunch at our farewell/Christmas party today and when everyone was trying to offer me seconds, this kind man offered me a plate of something and was surprised when I turned it down and said I was full... that's when he said he thought I ate like a horse. I'll also mention that in a previous class, he's compared me to a sumo wrestler!

I think this man has a few things to learn about the sensitivity of women and their size!! I'm already really insecure about my size so I have to confess that although this was probably an innocent 'cultural mistake', it really hurt... and it's hard to brush off. I had to deal with this a lot when I was in Africa too, but for some reason it just hurt a little more today. Perhaps lack of sleep is once again effecting my emotions! :P

Anyway, on a happier note... I want to proudly display part of my Christmas present from Bobby because I love it so much! It makes me smile every time I see it!

Isn't it the cutest advent calendar ever?! I love it :) And guess where it's from... the dollar store!! (although it was a little more than a dollar!)

Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of my day! :)


Sixer said...

It's the last day of exam week here, at least, for me. I feel like I've been on pens and needles for the past four days. I haven't had as much sleep as I would like, and I feel like I stopped being able to do my best weeks ago. Every time I get a new grade in I feel like it's the end of the world. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I've just been feeling yucky and useless. I'm so thankful I'm going home today. I'm going to sit by the tree for some christmas therapy. I'm so glad we have this season to cheer us up and help us regroup. Merry Christmas!

Bobby Baden said...

Hey Beautiful! Don't listen to those crazy old men (who was it anyway, Mr. N?)!! You are beautiful and don't ever let anyone's lack of English understanding convince you otherwise!

Brad and Melissa said...

i have to say i second that, Bobby!
Hill, you are beautiful.

Hillary said...

Thanks guys :)
It wasn't Mr N, it was Mr O. (I should know better than to take anything from him to heart!) Mr N is apparently my biggest fan and he said I was beautiful on his anketo! :)