Saturday, December 5, 2009

Always time to smile...

Well this week I've got a clever little intro... are you ready for it??

It's been a busy week, but there's always time to smile!! :) (hehehe pretty good, aren't I?)
Seriously though, in the midst of another busy week, I am really thankful that I've had plenty to make me smile! Here's my "Smile list" this week...

-getting the surprise privilege of lighting the first advent candle... and getting applause after!

-little babies with fuzzy hair :)

-Grandma Okamoto telling us she's wearing 5 layers... and then proceeding to show us each one... more than once!

-spraying snow on Yumi's windows and putting "snow" on her tree :) I got the title of "snow girl"... I laughed and said it was quite appropriate for me since I'm from Canada!

-Bob singing an opera version of a Christmas carol while at the top of a ladder!

-finding "bule" lights at the dollar store... and laughing about the spelling mistake with Yumi!

-borrowing a string of Christmas lights from a teammate to make my apartment even more "Christmas-y" :)

-a fancy new toothbrush

-an older couple in my English class telling me they want their 36 year old daughter and 33 year old son to "get out" of their house!

-getting peppermint extract from a teammate so that I can make my favorite Christmas drink... "candy cane hot chocolate" (minus the candy canes!)

-making Bobby's candy cane hot chocolate with so much hot chocolate that he had 'caffeine jitters' after! (hmm what can I say? I like my hot chocolate a little strong!)

-a 'spoken version' of "Joy to the World" (I guess it was funnier because of the tone of voice it was said in so maybe ya had to be there!)

-an 'elf-yourself' video of Bobby and I :)

-still getting excited reactions when people find out Bobby and I are dating!

-meeting a chatty Canadian guy on the train

-getting a cute e-card from my Momma :)

-the lady at the bakery timidly saying "thank you" in English as I left the bakery

-my Thursday night class... During the tea time, we were looking at a map and talking about how North American maps have North America on the left/centre and Asian maps have Asia on the left/centre. One of my students then told us that Australian maps had Australia in the middle and the other continents on the bottom. We all believed him and said "Really??" then he said... "Maybe." We got a good laugh out of that one!

-one of my students showing us all the features of his iphone... including a piano and a drum set that you can play with your fingers. Bobby was trying to tell him about our Christmas party in two weeks and this student proceeded to randomly beat the drums while he was listening to Bobby! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes... but it's probably another 'you had to be there' moments, isn't it?

-someone in Nunavit incorporating my "smile list" idea on their blog... my list is just as contagious as real smiles! :)

-getting flowers and little presents "just because" :)

-skype dates with my parents... they always make me smile!

-looking at Christmas lights :)

-planning surprises... that actually work out!

-enjoying a cozy house full of Christmas decorations and getting a cute Christmas story read to me :)

-a 7 year old girl playing the 'guessing game' while I quizzed her on the alphabet! (she knows the alphabet... as long as it's in order!) one time she answered "6" when I asked her "What letter is this?"

-making my little students giggle when I put my little pictures of household items in the "wrong room"... I asked them questions like "where's the fridge?" and they would giggle as they answered "It's in the bathroom!"

-making a flower out of mandarin oranges on top of a cake :)

-not having to play the handbells because all the kids came today!

-biking home in the wind... I'm sure I was quite an entertaining sight!

Even though the day's only half over, that's it for this list! I'm going bowling and out for yakiniku with some good friends tonight so I'm sure I'll have lots of additions for next week's list!

Hope you've had a week full of smiles too! Remember how much I love comments and hearing about what makes you smile! Have a wonderful weekend!


Bobby Baden said...

I had such a great week, because of you. Thanks for the surprises, the laughs, and the smiles. Masuyuki was cracking me up last night... I am very much looking forward to bowling tonight!
Get your work done so you can relax tonight!!

Hillary said...

it makes my little heart so happy to hear you say that :) You're welcome... I'm glad you were surprised! It was fun to plan something for you for once! I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping a secret all week!

Yes, Masuyuki is a hoot... and as predicted, he was just as funny tonight wasn't he?!

Thanks for letting me lose so gracefully tonight... you'll have to gear up for a re-match in February!! I'll be on home turf so you better watch out! :P

Bobby Baden said...

my my, that sounds like a challenge... I think I'm up for it!

Hillary said...

you better believe it's a challenge! :P

(actually I'm just all talk... you saw tonight how terrible of a bowler I am!) You might have some stiff competition with my Dad though!