Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a little lonely...

Today was a rough day... it's the day I've been wishing would never come since September (or maybe sooner).
Bobby left for his furlough this morning. Now we've got 2 months apart. (He's coming to visit me in Winnipeg in February!) We did have some 'down time' this morning before he left (thanks to our amazing teammates!), but it went so fast and before I knew it, we were waving goodbye at the train station.

I had to 'put on a happy face' almost right after we said goodbye because I had an English Christmas/Farewell party to get ready for. I have to say it wasn't easy to pretend to be all fine and dandy, but the party still went well I think. I've been super busy the last 2 weeks (and I'm in the middle of another busy week) and I'm running on very little sleep so that's not really helping the emotions!!

I feel silly for the little pity party I'm having right now because it is only 2 months... in fact I'd probably roll my eyes at someone else who wrote a post like this! But... this is my first serious relationship and now I know what it feels like to be so attached to someone it just hurts to be apart! (like family!) I've gotten so used to having Bobby just 5 minutes away, and now he'll be a whole ocean away. I'm really thankful that we've got skype and e-mail... but this is still hard... harder than I was expecting I think. I know this furlough is necessary, and since his family is going through some rough times right now, I'm really glad that he can be there with them.

I do need to be thankful... I need to be thankful that we're both still alive, and that even though we're reeeeally far apart physically, we'll be thinking about each other often and we'll still be able to let each other know how/what we're doing every day. I'm so blessed to be Bobby's girlfriend and he is so wonderful to me... it's going to take some getting used to things without him here.
After Bobby's visit to Winnipeg, I'll be going to Maryland to see him and meet his family probably at the beginning of April, just before he goes back to Japan... that's when it'll get really hard because we've got such an unknown future after that! I'll be going to Bible school somewhere from September to April...
But... we'll make it just fine! God has brought us together, and He'll continue to guide our paths!

Anyway, sorry for this little pity party... anyone with any long distance relationship experience, please comment and give me some advice! :)
Thankfully I've got special memories like this one to hold on to... Thanks for this fun little picnic, Bobby :) I miss you!

I'm off to make a cup of peppermint tea and snuggle up in my new super soft purple blanket (thanks for feeding my blanket addiction Bobby!)... and maybe study for my Japanese class tomorrow! :)


Lindsey Dueck said...

hmmm, I somehow seem to have missed the fact that you have a boyfriend! LOL! I am terrible! Congrats!

Anyways, long distant relationships are not fun, but they can work! I am not sure if I really have any tips... written letters were fun! I loved getting stuff in the mail! You have a great perspective though, rely on God to get you through!

Hillary said...

hahaha that's ok... I didn't really make a big announcement... I think it was in the middle of one of my more 'wordy' posts so I wouldn't be surprised if you're not the only one who didn't know!

thanks for the advice! I love writing and getting letters so that's something we'll be doing for sure! thanks for the encouragement :)

Hope you're having a good week!

Bobby Baden said...

hey don't be sad! :) You are loved... and missed. Time will fly and I'll get to see you before you know it!

Bobby Baden said...

by the way, it makes me smile to feel so loved!

Hillary said...

thanks for the reminder :) I just had to have one 'sad day' but now I'm doing ok... it helps to be so busy!! You're right... time will fly (just like the last 3 months did!) and we'll get to do lots of fun things together in Winnipeg in just a little while! :)
I'm glad I can still make you smile even when you're on the other side of the ocean! Your love certainly makes me smile too :)

Dombowsky Family said...

Hey Hill
I know I am really behind on commenting on this but I thought I would encourage you anyways!
Remember the advice I gave you at the beginning of your journey with Bobby? During the 'unknown' season? I would encourage you to do the same during this one. The distance will actually do wonders for your relationship. You guys will have a stronger relationship because of the seperation. And it wouldn't have been able to get to that point with out the seperation!
One thing I have learned in my 6 years of marriage to Stephen is that every situation, good or bad, contributes to where you end up.
Even though I don't recommend getting married as young as Stephen and I did, I am so thankful we did because if we hadn't, we wouldn't have walked through the hard times that we faced being young and immature and it wouldn't have strengthened our relationship the same way and gotten us to the incredible place we are today.
Everything happens for a reason. Try and enjoy this season of communicating across the ocean! You are so creative and sappy, I'm sure you will think of lots of fun ways to make the time go by quickly!
Love to you - can't wait to meet bobby in Feb.!

Hillary said...

ah cher... i love you!! thanks for your encouragement :) i am writing you an e-mail right now!!