Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas makes me smile :) *new addition at the end!

Obviously because this week was Christmas, I had lots to smile about! Although this Christmas was quite different from any other Christmas I've had, it was a really special one! I have to admit that it didn't quite feel like Christmas without snow :( I got a rainy Christmas, which is something I am not used to at all!

Christmas Eve was a really special night... the candle service was beautiful, and it was wonderful to see so many people come to church... especially the husband of one of the church ladies that said he was never going to come to church again (he stuck to his word for 5 years, but decided to come to the Christmas Eve service for some reason!) I also had a really nice late night walk on a crisp clear night, enjoying some Christmas music and soaking in the wonder of the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Then Christmas day, I opened the two presents I had under my tree, had a wonderful quiet time, and then I got picked up to go to my teammates house to spend the day with them! We had a delicious brunch, opened some presents, and then played Blitz. Then we all sort of did our own thing mid afternoon (I got to have a nap!) and then we got ready for turkey dinner... which was delicious!! Then we cleaned up, and played another game that involved a lot of laughter (but I forget the name of it).

Today I helped with the two kids' Christmas parties we had and now I'm pretty tuckered out... actually I'll be honest and say I'm "peopled out"! I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home tonight before another busy day tomorrow!

Anyway, here's my smile list for this week... enjoy!

-watching a 3 year old girl explain the nativity scene to her Dad

-a room filled with candles

-singing Christmas carols in another language

-pictures of Bobby's house in Maryland displaying the aftermath of a great big snow storm :)

-a picture of a message for me written in the snow :)

-snuggling down in my nest of blankets first thing in the morning

-the "Merry Christmas"stickers all over everything in the grocery store... and Christmas isn't even a holiday here!

-a thick layer of frost still on the ground at 8:45 in the morning... no wonder my nose was cold! (and I mean when I was in my house!)

-watching two old men getting ready to pounce on the reduced food as the grocery clerk was putting 1/2 price stickers out...but I will confess I was doing the same thing, just from a further distance! (reminded me of our Sunday Superstore trips, Mom and Dad!)

-my obsession with English muffins and the need I feel to stock up on them while I can!

-a celebratory dinner with Yumi after she finished all of her classes and parties :)

-keeping Yumi awake on the drive home from that dinner... she didn't like me very much! (I turned the music up and down, turned the temperature down as far as it could go, and kept her talking!!)

-singing silent night in Japanese by candle light

-discovering a calpis ice cream bar :)

-a late night Christmas Eve walk

-finding out that my radio station is extending their 24/7 christmas music until Sunday! (I was thinking it was going to be so sad to not have any more Christmas music after Christmas day!)

-playing dutch blitz with some tough competition!

-engagement stories :)

-being such good friends with someone that I can nap on their couch without feeling guilty!

-teddy bears and snuggly slippers :)

-watching a dad carry his sleeping baby to the car ever so carefully :)

-having another successful conversation with my "friend" at the bakery!

-this video I saw on someone's blog...

It made me laugh how she was laughing at herself... but she was pretty funny!

How was your Christmas?? Since you didn't tell me your plans for Christmas Eve, here's your chance to tell me what you did for Christmas!! ;)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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Alyssa said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!!! The best part is when she laughs at herself! Good one, Hillary!