Monday, December 7, 2009

It's my lucky day!

Today I went shopping at a store called Uniqlo with Yumi and I have to say I was pretty excited because it's so much like my favorite store... Old Navy! I found a few sweaters and cozy shirts (I didn't realize how few 'winter clothes' I had until it started getting cold again!) When we got to the check-out, I was given a 'lottery ticket' and guess what... I won!!

I was a little confused about the whole thing... Yumi was SO excited and all the clerks were all telling me congratulations. Yumi said something about winning 'ichi man en' (10,000 yen) but I guess I was a little North American in my thinking because I was expecting to get some kind of coupon for next time... but I actually ended up getting an envelope handed to me with 10,000 yen in it right there on the spot! (10,000 yen is close to $100)

As I was paying, I sort of justified my spending as a Christmas present to myself since I hardly ever go shopping, but in the end, it was Uniqlo's Christmas present to me!! I was pretty excited about getting a free shopping trip... and even some money left over! Now I don't have to feel guilty for spending money! :)

Anyway, here's a picture Yumi felt the need to take of me because she was so excited! I think she was a little jealous because she said she goes there a lot and she has never won or seen anyone else win (to the extent that she thought the contest wasn't "real"!) but she was really excited for me :)

I love shopping :) The end!


Bobby Baden said...

I hope you bought something for me. ;)
Hipsy is my security word...

Hillary said...

uh oh... am I in trouble if I say no?
if it's any consolation... I never attempt to buy anyone clothes because I am so terrible at guessing sizes... and I'm sorta scared of offending people with my terrible guessing! Maybe if we go shopping together, I'll buy you something! ;)

hahaha hispy is a funny word!

Melissa said...

that's super! so fun!