Thursday, June 23, 2011

We made it!

Greetings from Japan!

We had a relatively painless trip and breezed through customs with all our luggage so we're thankful! We also made all of our train connections and made it to our overnight stop at a friends' house. (They are actually away so we've been able to just have some quiet time by ourselves catching up on our sleep!)

We got to the house around 5:30, settled in and ventured out to 7Eleven for some supper (yes, you can get meals at 7Eleven here!) and then we started watching tv but fell asleep around 7 or 8... then we decided that we should just go to bed... so we did! (and slept quite well!) Now we're just relaxing and will venture out in a little while to go back to the train station and make our way to the Crash headquarters... and from there, we don't know what things will look like. I think we might be taking the overnight bus to the base we'll be staying at, but we're not sure yet.

It feels so weird and yet so wonderful to be back again! Feels like home... sort of. We are both really looking forward to our time back in Yamaguchi at the end our our trip.

That's all for now... will update as we can!

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Christine said...

Good to know you are arrived safe. keep us informed about what your doing, and how they are coping from the earthquake.