Thursday, December 9, 2010

My husband is the greatest...

My husband did something very sweet and thoughtful today... and as usual, I feel compelled to share it with the world... He had to go to Steinbach to pick up some ink to finish printing our prayer letters this afternoon and he came back with 5 pretty pink roses just for me :) He knows the way to my heart! (but he already has my heart anyway!) Thank you, Baby :)
My day was also brightened by a phone call from my sister... she had her first ultrasound today and they're having a.............. wait. Can't say it on here because Mom doesn't want to know yet and she reads my blog. (if you really want to know, you can e-mail me!)
On the school front... I've got 3 more classes left (one is actually not really going to be a 'class' but we still have to go... just 2 more days for this semester and one more paper to write! Then I have 3 exams (one on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and then I'm done!! Yipee! :) Can't wait for the break... although I seemed to have created quite a to-do list for myself over the break. I guess I'm just looking forward to a change of pace!
This Friday is our 5 month anniversary and we get to celebrate by getting all dressed up and going out for a free meal! (the Prov Christmas banquet is on Friday) :)
Well, guess I should get back to that paper! Thanks for stopping by!

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Sarah said...

Oh, your sister found out what she is having, there is a small (or maybe biggish) part of me that is jealous! We have choose not to find out, but boy would it make shopping easier!
Enjoy your Chirstmas break, even if you do have a big to do list!