Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at the Badens!

It definitely looks like Christmas in our house now! Last weekend we found ourselves a tree, some lights and some decorations at the Goodwill store and set it up! This weekend we got a few more additions to our decorations for the house at Dollarama and now it's officially Christmas in the Baden's house! :) Here's how it all turned out.... Bobby very dilligently fluffing up the tree!
and proudly admiring his job on the lighting... (I very happily delegated him to that job for us for the rest of our marriage! he's so good at it!)so pretty :)
Today we did some more decorating and Bobby wrapped some presents to put under our tree... again, he's so good at this!! :)
He was having fun :)
We used some Christmas money to buy the Willow Tree nativity set because we both like it so much...
Isn't it beautiful?! We really like it!

You can't really see it too well, but I have snowflakes hanging in all 4 windows... and then there's a mobile on the ceiling and decorations on the wall :)

The final product... our happy little tree! minus a topper... we're still compromising on that one! ;)

notice how our card string only has one card on it?! Hopefully we'll get some more to add to it later this month!

Merry Christmas!!! :)


Lindsey said...

I love the Willow Tree Nativity set! I got the whole thing, 3 sets in total, a couple years ago for Christmas. Terry also built me a really cute barn to go with it!

Hillary said...

I love them too! The more I look at it, the more I like it! We decided to just start with the basic set and possibly add on to it as the years go by. We really like the barn it comes with, but it's SO expensive! We'll have to see if we can find someone who can build us one too!