Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Mini Catch Up...

Well, apparently I am not very good at blogging these days! Having a limited internet connection doesn't really help with that much... but I guess I just need excuses! :)

So, we've moved to the States and everything went smoothly... I should be getting my green card any day now, as well as a social security card :) Just to clarify, since it seems to be unclear... I'm just a permanent resident... not a citizen yet! Eventually we'll do that, but for now residency is all I need.

We're having fun with Bobby's family! We're especially enjoying our niece and nephews... we just met our 1 1/2 year old nephew for the first time when we got to the airport so it's been really fun getting to know him. He's too cute!

Not too much is new... we've been speaking at churches and visiting a few supporters. Every Sunday this summer we're at a different church! (or traveling) This week is particularly busy... tonight we're having supper with the couple that did our pre-marital counseling and our ceremony which will be fun! Tomorrow we're heading to West Virginia for the night with Bobby's parents to see some of his Mom's family. Thursday we're going to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!! Can you tell I'm excited??!! I'm going to be giddy as a school girl that day! Then Friday we have lunch with supporters and Saturday is our niece's dance recital which we're really looking forward to... she's SO cute! And then Sunday, bright and early, we fly to Texas for our final Christar training.

So, that about fills you in on our life these days... Sorry nothing too exciting to blog about! Thanks to those of you who are still reading and checking my blog so faithfully! :)

Until next time...

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Auntie Deb said...

Hi Sweets: Sounds like your staying busy. Enjoy the ride.
Love Auntie Deb