Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 Years Ago...

*I wrote this post last week, but I saved it as a draft because it wouldn't let me upload pictures so I thought it would be better to wait and try later, but then I forgot! And now it's still not uploading so... here you go...minus the pictures!!

2 years ago, on March 31, I was asked the most serious question I've ever been asked in my life... Bobby asked me to marry him! :)

On Saturday, we went to town with celebrations! First off, we got some A & W breakfast and went for a brunch picnic at "our spot" at the Forks. While we were there, Bobby read me the story he wrote for his proposal, and then walked over to the Basillica and took some pictures (like we did the day we got engaged) and then stopped for some cookies and cream gelato... also like we did the day we got engaged! (I didn't remember that part, but Bobby remembers teasing me that I should announce to the cashier that I just got engaged but I was too shy to do it... he says I was just giggly!)

After that, we headed to the cheap theater (with $1 coupons!) and watched "We Bought a Zoo" (highly recommended by the way!) Next we headed to Zellers and bought some kites! Then we headed to U-Putz and played a free round of mini golf (courtesy of an old Goupon deal we had that really was free... can't remember if I told that story or not) and then we headed to the park and flew our kites! Mine ended up being a dud, but we had fun with the one that worked :) Next we went home and had supper and then rented another movie and relaxed. We sure were busy, but we had a lot of fun! It was really nice to be able to relax and have fun together, taking a break from our t0-do lists and errand running.

I have been so blessed... not just in the last 2 years, but particularly since the day I met Bobby. I fall in love with him more and more as time goes by and I'm always thanking God for this wonderful gift He's given me. I feel so spoiled and well looked after! Bobby is so good to me and I love him SO much! :)

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Annice said...

Awww! That's very sweet! Marriage is truly a HUGE blessing! Glad to see a strong marriage! Looking forward to seeing you guys!