Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let the pictures do the talking!

We're on vacation in Myrtle Beach this week... figured it's more exciting to do a picture update than me babble on!

First 4th of July as a green card holder!!
trying to get a cute picture with the niece/nephews didn't exactly work out!
sweet as can be... our little Izzy!
couldn't be cuter!!!
snuggles with Uncle Bobby (with Drew making a grumpy face trying as hard as he can not to laugh!

4th of July with matching Myrtle Beach t-shirts! :)

 We're having a great time! Soaking up the family time while we can :)


Christine said...

Looks like fun, I love being near the Ocean, the smell, how the salt water makes my skin feel, hope you dipped your feet in it!!

Debbie W said...

Myrtle Beach looks much more crowded than Blue Sea Beach in Malagash (remember ?)
Auntie Deb
P.S. Love you guys