Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dancing belly!

So I have to say,that all the "firsts" of pregnancy have been so much fun for me! I'm really blessed that I have had a really smooth pregnancy (aside from having gallstones, but that's another post for another time!) and I am just soaking up every minute of this time with a baby in my belly!

One of those fun firsts happened last night as I was laying on my back in bed reading. I could feel the baby moving around quite a bit so I decided to pull the covers off and lift up my shirt and watch my belly for a bit. Sure enough, we got quite a little show! He or she was moving all over the place! I've seen a few twitches here and there, but this was really the first time I've seen any major stomach shifting because usually when the baby moves, it's not exactly at an appropriate time for me to whip up my shirt and stare at my belly! :P We were both laughing at the little squirmer inside of me and it made me one again realize how blessed we are to have a healthy little one coming our way. I really understand what it means when the Bible talks about Mary "treasuring these things in her heart" because that's exactly what I've been doing! (And the baby's not even born yet!)

Anyway, it was really fun and also super weird to watch my belly dancing around, watching it move, realizing I had no control over what it was doing! Sometimes it was a slow "rolling movement" across my belly and sometimes it would be a great big push out. I've been looking forward to this for a while now and definitely got a good show last night :)

Tomorrow I'll be 26 weeks! Time is flying, and I'm sure it goes even faster when baby is here, right?
Bobby's home church women's group is throwing me a shower next month and I'm so excited about that! It is kind of tricky knowing what to ask for when we don't even know where this little one will be born, but we did put together a registry at Babies R Us which was fun... But slightly overwhelming too!

Anyway, I think that's all the news for now. Sorry no pictures this time... For some reason I can't upload pictures to my blog from the iPad.

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