Saturday, December 7, 2013


My first official bump picture! I'm starting to think it's more than what was there before baby came along, but still not sure it's a bump yet! ;) I'm 17 weeks and 5 days in that pic... But I'm 18 weeks today!

I just got a little distracted and started looking at maternity clothes online and can I just say I can't wait to go shopping!! I am really starting to feel the need for new pants... I feel like an old man in denial of his belly, wearing my jeans below my bulge! My tights and dresses just feel so much better, but they're not very warm! I just haven't been able to find pants that are big enough here so I'm really glad we're going back to the States soon. I know I could buy some online, but I hate online shopping... Especially for a type of clothes I've never shopped for. I have an American friend that lives about an hour away that is not the average Japanese size either, and she offered me clothes a while back, but I figured I wouldn't need them at the rate I was growing... But I guess I was wrong! And unfortunately our schedule is getting so busy, we likely won't have a chance to see her before we leave :( oh well... I'll just make do! I know some people use rubber bands on regular jeans, but mine just won't stay up like that!

I am getting super excited to be with Bobby's family for Christmas! I don't remember if I said it earlier or not, but it will be my first! We had our first two Christmases with my family after we got married, and then our last one was in Japan. This is a pretty rare blessing to be home for Christmas and I feel so spoiled! I know a lot of people won't get to be with family this year, and that's just plain hard! It's fun to think about what next Christmas will look like though! We'll be a family of three!!

The ladies' luncheon went well! Thanks for praying! Next up is the Hirao candlelight service next Sunday afternoon. (We do one at the other church on Christmas Eve)

Well, Japanese study (or maybe more like lunch!) is calling my name...  ;)

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