Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Facelift...

Ah, fall :) Can you tell I love it?! (Thought it would be fun to give my blog a new look)

We seem to be having an amazing fall so far! This past weekend and the last three days have been in the mid to high 20's... so gorgeous! The leaves are certainly starting to change colour and everything looks so pretty. We don't have as many reds here in Manitoba as Nova Scotia does, but there's a few of them here and there which really adds to the beauty! Although I don't really like the 'oncoming of winter', I really enjoy fall. Perfect temperatures. Nothing like a cozy sweater and a pair of jeans :)

So... we're doing well in spite of my lack of blogs! We're keeping pretty busy, mostly with hospitality. We love having people over :) And, I'm loving this stage of life right now where I can really have time to be in the kitchen and keep the house clean. I'm not working yet, but will likely look for a day care position sometime soon. (Most likely just 2 or 3 days a week though)

Curves is going well... I really enjoy the workout/environment of Curves. Bobby's been a good motivator for me and hasn't let me skip a day yet! (He drove me when it was raining and when I ran out of time the day we had eye doctor appointments and company coming for supper) No idea if there's been any changes or not though... my first weigh-in is Oct. 12th so we'll see then!

I just realized I posted our summer pictures on Facebook, but never posted the link on here!

So... here's pictures from our time in Toronto; pictures from Casa Loma; pictures from the butterfly conservatory in Niagara on the Lake; pictures from Nova Scotia; and finally, pictures from PEI :) Enjoy!

I guess that's all for now... I need to go clean up the kitchen!
Happy Fall :)

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